Battery pack for iPhone

Hi everyone Does anyone know of a good battery pack tthat can charge two or more devices and is simple to use? I would prefer a model without a flashlight so I don't have to worry about accidentally turrning it on. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for your help.


Hi. Depending on your iPhone

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Hi. Depending on your iPhone model. I've been using the Ferari cover+ external battery with an iPhone 4S and it seems to work pritty good. I've recently switched to iPhone 5S and used a third party accessery battery USB charger. Those chargers have a better battery life and can charge multiple devices at a time. Those could be purchased from any electronic stores, phone shops depending on your region.

I use an old energy xpma8000

I use an old energy xpma8000 for my battery pack for my 3gs, my 4 and my 5 now. It has worked and worked very well. and gives me at least now that it's older 35 or so hours of charge.

Wow, I never heard of this

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Wow, I never heard of this brand before. Is it a case with an external battery in it? Does your iPhone look thicker when placing it in the cover? I've hated some battery covers I've used because it produces more heat and makes the iPhone bigger. More information about this battery is really appreciated.

what you want is a newt rent

what you want is a newt rent battery. It has I believe 2 usb ports. It will run you about $70 but if you look on amazon it should run you a bit less.

battery packs and flashlights

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Hi. Finding a model that is still being sold which does not have a flashlight is going to be a huge challenge. I don't know that any good battery packs on the market nowadays don't have them. However, manufacturers often make it so that the flashlight is hard to activate now, as this is an issue for even the sighted population. I would suggest looking at the Limeade line of products, as they have a few different models with different levels of capacity. Of course, the more money you spend, the more power you can have. If you wish to charge tablets, for example, you probably want one of the higher end models. I reviewed the 18000 MAH version of this external battery charger Here However, Amazon has the 15600 MAH version of this pack for $50, half the price of the 18000 MAH version. 15600 MAH should get you about 6 or 7 iPhone charges, and 2 full charges on an iPad. I hope this info helps, and I address your flashlight concern in the review I linked to above.