Backing up my apps in iOS 11 in preparation for a new phone

I'm about to move from an iPhone 6S to an 8 or 8 plus in a couple of weeks.
I'm using the iCloud for my back up. But, I opnly see some of my apps listed with regard to back up when I look at settings and iCllllllloud on the phone.
Currently 2 gigs of the 5 gigs or about 40% are used.
I know I have a lot more apps than are listed in iCloud settings on the phone.
How do I make sure that all of them get backed up before I upgrade?



Also Upgrading Here

To piggyback on this thread, I'm about to upgrade my phone as well, so in addition to the question about backing up apps, I have the following questions.
I'll be getting the 8+.

1. At which point do I move my SIM card from the old phone to the new phone?

2. Nobody is setting up the new phone for me. So, fresh from the packaging, can I just press the side button, wait a moment for the phone to boot, then triple press the Home button to launch Voiceover? Is that guaranteed to work?

3. After Voiceover launches, all I have to do is simply hold the new phone back to back with my old iPhone 6+ to initiate the transfer of settings and files, right?

Thanks for any help with this.

Backing Up

I would suggest going under your iCloud settings by going to Settings, your account at the top, then iCloud and then select iCloud Backup. In here, you should find all previous backups of your devices. You may want to clear all backups and make a current backup. This way you clear out the old and have a brand new backup of your iPhone. If you have multiple devices backing up, then keep the most recent backup, or wipe everything and do a fresh iCloud backup of all your devices. You can do the same on your computer as well if you'd like.

This way when you get your new phone, you can restore from your recent backup.

Answering Chris, I would wait until you get your new phone before taking your SIM out of your old phone and putting it into your new one. Just make sure that both phones are powered off before you swap the card.

As for turning on VoiceOver, it is pretty much the same as previous models. Press and hold the power button on the right, if your phone isn't already on, and hold it for about 4 to 5 seconds, then let go. Wait about 30 to 60 seconds and then triple-click the home button. If you feel no vibrations on the home button, that means your phone hasn't booted up. Once VoiceOver is on, well the setup is pretty much the same as always.

As for syncing your data from your old phone to your new one, I believe that both devices have to be running at least iOS 11, or it may be iOS 11.1, not sure. I personally did not go that route, I typically like to plug my new phone to my Mac and restore it to default, as this will also trigger the iOS update. This way I can install a fresh copy of the recent iOS and start from scratch. I know this is a long process to start over but this way you clean up all the excess data and apps and start fresh. If you want, you can always do a new backup of your old phone to iCloud or to your computer and when you get the new phone, you swap out the SIM card, plug it in to your computer, and restore to your current backup.

If you want to sync from your old to your new phone, like I said, make sure that both phones are running iOS 11.1 (just to be safe), and while setting up your new phone, it should ask you if you would like to sync from your old phone directly. Then just follow the steps.

The nice thing is that there are many ways of setting up a new phone.

Sorry for the detailed explanation and hope this helps!