Audio description on iTunes finally available in the UK

Hi all. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but until now audio description hasn't been available on films from the itunes store in the UK. I was checking the release date of The Martian and was pleasantly surprised when I noticed an extra piece of information next to the closed captioning logo. Ironically it hasn't been labelled correctly yet and VoiceOver reads it as an image but I'm told it is indeed the symbol for AD. I remember writing to apple accessibility about this over a year ago and they said it was down to the film companies as to what content they make available. With a quick bit of research I've noticed that 20th century fox and dream works are amongst those currently offering AD whilst hopefully more will follow suit soon.



On a side note, when trying Netflix for the first time 2 or so weeks ago, I was quite surprised that one of their 2015 documentaries I watched automatically gave me audio description. I guess it picked this up by the audio description I switched on in my phones accessibility settings.

Hi I had been browsing the

Hi I had been browsing the iTunes movie store on my phone and some of the movies clearly state that they have audio description The things that are labelled are captions, HD, subtitles and audio description There are limited amount of movies that are audio described