Some questions about the Apple Watch Series 3

Hello. I have a question regarding the apple watch series three. How is voiceover compared to the series two? Has anyone purchased the LTE version and if so, how do you like it?


#1 Apple Watch 3

I decided to give the Apple Watch a try and bought the LTE series 3. I don't have an older watch to compare it to, but VoiceOver works very well. The overall speed of everything is also pretty fast. I know people have said that apps took a little while to start in the earlier models, but they feel pretty zippy in the Series 3. The first time you open an app, it takes a couple of seconds, but from then on, it's pretty instant.

The cellular feature is cool, but I haven't used it all that much just yet. I'm usually in range of my iPhone, so I connect to apps and make calls that way. I have to admit, I'm starting to like the watch for notifications, texts, quick calls, and the activity tracking stuff.

#2 voiceover voice

Thank you. I will soon be purchasing this watch. I'm coming from an original or what is sometimes called "apple watch series 0". Is it true it uses the enhanced Samantha voice? or does it use Siri female?

#3 apple watch series 3

I am by no means a techy person but I do love this device!If I had a wish list of improvements for me personally it would be that texting (sending and receiving) on the LTE would function via the cellular carrier rather than having to leave my Iphone on all the time! Also would love if the haptic time feedback would work when voiceover is off!Anyone else having issues with the crown activating unnecessarily when moving your wrist? I suppose I should balance things up with the positives but would take too long!

#4 watch series 3

iMessages will work when the phone is off. I have wrist raise turned off and I wish that taptic time was faster and had a notification. I love it so far. It's much faster than my original.

#5 watch series 3

How did you get Imessage to work? think I have tried every combination but as soon as the phone is off I cannot send or receive texts, where am I going wrong? Thanks

#6 iMessages

I know that when my iPhone is turned off, my watch (a Series 1) connects to my wi-fi and that I can send out iMessages, but cannot receive or send text messages as the phone would need to be on in order for the text message forwarding to work, but as for iMessages, I believe as long as your watch is connected online, either through your phone or on wi-fi by itself, iMessages will work fine.

#7 messages

As long as you have some sort of connection as stated Yeah, iMessage works as long as you have an internet connection. This includes LTE and wifi.

#8 whatsapp on apple watch

Hi when I switched my phone on this morning there was a notification which seemed to suggest there was a new whatsapp for the apple watch, is this the case? I do already receive and reply to whatsapp messages on the watch but would be great to have it on my wrist, anyone know if this is indeed here or coming? Thanks!

#9 Hoping to get series3 nNon-LTE for Christmas

I am hoping to get a new series3 for Christmas. Right now I have a 42mm sport series0. I am looking forward to the speed bump that the dual processor will give me. I am also hearing that the battery life is much better on the series3. I am actually going to switch from a 42mm to the 38mm because of the battery improvements and the fact that it is a bit cheaper. I don't think I will go with the LTE version because I can't really afford to pay T-Mobile $10 extra a month.

Greg Wocher