Apple TV and Playstation Vue, a workaround!

Club AppleVis Member

Well I'm really disapointed with Playstation Vue on Apple TV. The guide is fairly inaccessible, and finding favorite channels for me is at least problematic. One way to get a list of favorite channels that works for me is this. Swipe up to the top until you hear "Home" and swipe right until search. If you have a list of channels you watch, search for them one at a time. Example, USA Network. Then swipe down below the keyboard and it will show up in your search history. Search for the next channel, and so on, and you have a nice list of channels to work with. If you make a mistake and a wrong one shows up, you're stuck with it but it's easy to swipe down past it. Wish there was a way to clear mistakes out of the list, but I haven't found it yet.
Oddly enough, the Playstation Vue IOS app at least on my IPad is pretty blindguy, or blind girl useable. Usually it's the other way around. Hope this helps someone out.