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Hi all.

On another topic of this developers forum, @Remy has appointed that myTrueSound could benefit from kick starter options. One of our priorities is to get our games done till the end, and don't disappear too soon. I think we are going to survive though, specially thanks to the audio game engine we are developing, which we hope one day other developers will also use.

But in order to avoid surprises, I think it is wise I start to learn about additional funding instruments, like kick starter or crowdsourcing.

So the questions are: Does anyone have experience with that? Have other developers of audio games do that before? How did it worked?

If you have some ideas to share, feel free to write them here, or by contacting me directly.

Thanks again. David



Submitted by Remy on Thursday, December 13, 2018

One thing you could do is get ahold of developers who have successfully funded their games through Kickstarter. Since you're an audio games developer, I'd start with the creators of A Hero's Call, who made an entirely audio-based RPG with the help of Kickstarter. They even got professionally composed music and voice actors. Another developer to check out would be the creators of Code7, a sci-fi hacking text adventure with full voice acting, music, sound effects and visuals. I bring this one up because it too, though designed for the sighted world, was designed also with fully blind people in mind. It is self-voicing and the interface works quite well. )Gamers, do yourself a favor and go play it.) These two developers also represent a smaller market which nevertheless got funded.

The most important thing about Kickstarter is your presence. Your description of your product and preferably a trailer representative of what you hope to achieve. Putting that free demo you're making up there would not hurt either. I have never kickstarted anything, but I have been a backer on several projects, such as the two I mentioned above. There are also several other adventure games which, without kickstarter would never have had a chance to be made - Tex Murphey and Dreamfall - which both turned out quite well.

Submitted by Remy on Thursday, December 13, 2018

Since the mobile platform is pretty good for "adventure" games, I would really recommend getting in touch with which is a fantastic way for consumers to stay up to date on games of the genre. That's how I find out about all of them, and they showcase everything from indie developers to AAA companies. They're a great website with a passionate community and staff.

Submitted by Remy on Thursday, December 13, 2018

While this game is primarily aimed at the "blind" market, I see no reason to cater only to us. Audio dramas are still something the sighted world enjoys too. They may enjoy this too.