Looking for testers for an app in final stages of development, targeted for the blind

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Hi, I'm a developer putting finishing touches to an application called "Clock in the Dark"

It's an app to set timers and alarms aimed for people with low vision or blindness. It does not use VoiceOver much, but instead is more like Siri, obeying voice commands. User interface consists currently of only one button.

Voice recognition accuracy is one question mark. It has a preference for US English, but does understand me well enough to be useful and I'm Finnish, although my English is pretty good.

Some of the current features are

  • it does not require network
  • it should work on older iphones and iPads. (iOS 5.1 required)
  • managing alarms should be easier than with Siri
  • limited vocabulary

I recorded a sample dialog with it, (edited slightly, cutting out some silence, noise removal, etc). It is available here: http://mpaja.com/download/CITD-sample-dialog.mp3

If you would like to test it and contribute suggestions,  send me email at harri at mpaja.com with your email address.

I'm planning to use Testflight, https://testflightapp.com/ to manage the testing, unfortunately I don't know how accessible that site is.

Harri Pasanen




Submitted by Scott Davert on Monday, January 28, 2013

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
I'll get in contact with you via email. Test flight works fine for me both as a site and installing apps on my iPhone. The only draw-back to that service is that it creates separate profiles for each of your installs. But other than that, it works good.

Submitted by computerguy1985 on Monday, January 28, 2013

Hi Harri, I sent you an Email from my work address. Look forward to trying out this new app!

Hay Harri, i have just dropped you an email, and like others would love to try out this app.