Developers: Smart Crossfading app idea.

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DEVELOPERS! Let me toss you an app idea, that has not been implemented!
If I new how to code, I would have developed this app already, but because I don't, you could choose to run with it, make some money, and all I want, very
honestly, is just to have the app on my iOS device.
I'll even pay for a copy!

Games might be a dime a dozen, music players might be a dime a dozen,
but what isn't in existence in either the iOS or Google play app space is a music player that incorporates smart/intelligent cross fading.
Want to really go above reinventing the wheal?

I got my first iOS device in 2010, and have been looking for a smart/intelligent cross fading app for my IPod music library, as well as cloud storage for
7 years.
Why isn't it available?
Well today the IPhone7 is much more powerful than my 300MHZ PC was back in 98,99, and a windows app was available then, that did what I'm looking for, so
we can't as much say device power, (Possibly OS).

No, I really don't have that answer.

This player would:
Be accessible with Voiceover.
Allow for the playback of playlists.
Allow for the playback of music from both IPod library, and cloud storage, (import/open in from other apps).
Allow for a cue to add songs during music playback.
Have local storage to store cloud bassed music offline.
Offer a stop after current track button, (pauses the playlist, after current track has finished playing until play is pressed to start the next track in the playlist or cue).
offer smart/intelligent cross fading.
Offer dynamics processing, (compression/limiting in real time.
Allow for playback from Bluetooth and Airplay.
Be an input for Audiobus.
This player might:
Play songs from Apple Music.
Incorporate a slot for a rotating playlist that would play every 2 songs in the players main playlist/cue. (Think of a demo player that might play an add
every couple of songs to tell the user it was a demo, accept this would not be a demo feature, as the user would choose the audio files/spots that would
play in this secondary rotating playlist).
When playing music from your IPod library, smart shuffle, as to not play the same artist within a given period of time.

This player would cell per copy: $25.00-50.00 US.
Offer yearly In-app purchase for version upgrades $10.00 US.

What is smart/intelligent cross fading?
The volume of the currently playing track and the volume of the incoming track several seconds from the end/start are Annalise in real time to choose when
to trigger the transition to the next song (When the volume hits-15DB), vs, a time of 1-3 seconds for song overlap.
The volume of the currently playing track would not be faded out from full volume to silence
the volume of the next or incoming track would not be faded in from silence to full volume.
More info available at google.

What is Dynamics processing?
Compression/limiting keeps the volume of the audio output from this app stable, and loud, vs fluctuating between songs.
Crossfading would happen in the signal chain before dynamics processing.

Thanks for reading through this!
Think of it like this.
(Just my opinion)
If you build it???
They will buy!
Nothing like this is out there in the mobile app space.



Submitted by Matt Campbell on Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hey Drew,

I can confirm that this is indeed technically feasible, and probably has been since at least the iPhone 4S. The only part that's not feasible is playing from a streaming service such as Apple Music or Spotify. But files in a standard format (MP3, AAC, Ogg, etc.) from a cloud storage service like Dropbox would be fine.

Here's the problem. What you really seem to be after is pretty close to a pro DJ or broadcast automation package. Like I said, technically feasible. But this is a niche application. I guess no developer has decided that this would be worth their time to work on. I figure that a solid implementation would take at least three months of full-time work from one developer, maybe more like six months. At the price point you suggested, the app would then need to sell hundreds of copies, at least, to be financially worthwhile. I, for one, can't take that gamble, at least not any time soon.

Perhaps if you could find a competent iOS developer that's interested in the project (I'm not available), they could implement a quick prototype to show that the app is feasible, then you could start a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo or the like. That seems to be the best way to gauge the amount of interest in an app that doesn't yet exist.

Hope that helps,

Submitted by DrewWeber on Monday, May 15, 2017

Matt, been a busy weekend here, I really appreciate your response and all of the information.

Really exciting to know this at least, would be possible on iOS. I'll do some research, and see what I can do to make this a reality within the next several years.

Warmest regards,


Submitted by DPinWI on Monday, May 15, 2017

I like this proposed app, and will pile on with a requested feature.

I currently use Tango Remote to control an iPod Touch full of music with my iPhone, remotely, over WiFi or Blue tooth. If this DJ app also did remote control, I'd be so far in.

Submitted by DrewWeber on Monday, May 15, 2017

In reply to by DPinWI

ah, so, say have the app on two devices. One, controls another connected to a sound system. I like that! Thank you for your thoughts! :) Drew

Submitted by DPinWI on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I love the convenience of wireless, but I have yet to find anything that sounds as good as wires. So, for casual stuff, I don't mind blue tooth headphones, but for more critical listening, I like wires.

Tango is great for a remote control, but, I would like the addition of the DJ features you enumerated.

Submitted by Kevan on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I would try and get ahold of Apple to get a multiband compressor and a smart crossfader built into Apple music. I have to use my PC from home for that stuff and just listen to music from an Internet stream when I'm not at home.