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We have developed a new typing technology for blind users of iPhone devices. We think this will a leap forward in iOS accessibility and will let blind users type a lot quicker and easier than the built in keyboard. This is the website: We are looking for beta testers to help us refine our technology ahead of its public launch. We would really appreciate your feedback. Would you be interested to participate? Please email me at and I will send you instructions to download a free version. Thank you in advance.



Submitted by alex wallis on Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I have looked at the website, and read the description, but don't get how this is supposed to work. If you miss every single key on the keyboard, how does the app know what your trying to type? I presume also you still have to double tap because of voiceover, so not sure how its going to be faster than the regular keyboard. I also wonder if it will be faster to use than a bluetooth keyboard. I am not trying to be negative, just can't visualise how its supposed to work, looking forward to seeing how it performs when people test this app. I would have to be able to type faster on it than with a bluetooth keyboard for me to switch. also, I know it says you can send text as an sms, but I presume you have to choose the option to send as an sms, and then choose your contact each time to send to, I could see that getting anoying.

Hi Alex, thanks for your response. We use some patent pending, artificial intelligence algorithms to fix your typing even if you miss every key. And we have developed a user interface specifically tailored for blind users, so you won't need to double tap. Basically, you can tap type each letter, roughly where it would be on the screen, and not worry if you miss it. The system works out what you intended to type and corrects you. You should be able to type about as fast as you do on a hardware keyboard. And we've worked some ways to quickly sending SMS and emails, and replying to the ones you receive, without having to scan your contacts every time. Let me know if you would like a beta version, would be happy to have you on board. We have had some beta testers already, with exciting feedback, and we will send some more beta versions out tomorrow morning to those who respond to this call. Thanks again for your comments.

Submitted by Tai Blas on Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello. I would like to test this new typing method. I emailed you but have not heard back. Tai

I, I have also sent you an e-mail a few minuts ago Interested to be a beta tester, from your description of the app it looks really great! my e-mail is anm.0 at

Submitted by nk1229 on Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I just wrote you a few moments ago because i am also interested... I cannot wait to try it out! I am always looking for ways to make my day to day tasks easier.

Submitted by Walei on Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hey guys. I just downloaded the Fleksy beta and i really like it. It took me very little time to get the hang of it and I'm typing much faster than I was before. The only thing I don't like is that it's a separate app for typing. So if I wanna type something for an existing text message conversation, I have to go through the Fleksy app and either copy/paste or import the text to where I want it to go. If this is somehow implemented into the apple keyboard then it would fix our typing frustrations once and for all. I definitely recommend that you guys try it out for yourselves.

Submitted by Borostar on Thursday, June 14, 2012

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I've tried to install this app and it keeps getting stuck on 65%. I've tried 6 times with my wifi connection. After that when I tried to give it another go! It will only install the profile. Going back to install the app will only bring up the install profile dialog. The app will not install at all.

Submitted by cat_lover on Thursday, June 14, 2012

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I think your comment about not being able to install would be better sent directly to the developer. However, having said that, I also had problems installing at first. Try rebooting your device, and logging out and back into TestFlight. I was finally able to install after logging back into the TestFlight system. Also, make sure that cookies are enabled in Safari. You'll have to go through the setup of the profile stuff each time you go to install the app, but eventually it will work

Submitted by Ioannis on Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Thanks Borostar You are probably struggling because of the way the beta system works. As we are not yet in the App Store, the way we send you the application is less easy than if you just downloaded straight from Apple. Please try the following: - Restart your device - Open the email link with Safari cookies enabled - Make sure Safari is not in "privacy mode" If you are still having problems, please email me at contact and I will be happy to help.

I'll send you guys an email, I'm an iPod Touch user who's also interested in how this works. When I first heard about this I thought, "No way!" But I'll see for myself...

hi i am a beta tester and I like the app. one of the futures that I like are the gestures, there are several type fast just similar to arrows key. slide left, right, up and down. other future is you are able to delete word by word. the only thing I don't like is that I can't delete the previous character and you need to know where is locatered each letter on the keyboard. I like the future using the rotor on Fleks app check out the: he application. Fleksy will not work as intended if you do not set it up first. Setup should only take a minute. Instructions Fleksy allows you to quickly and easily enter text on a touch screen device without needing to look at the screen or be accurate. It has been specifically designed for visually impaired users and will significantly improve your typing experience. You will soon be able to type at 25 words per minute or even more, including punctuation. Fleksy is complementary to Apple's VoiceOver technology. You need to make sure you have enabled the correct settings for VoiceOver for the application to work as intended. Please make sure you follow the setup instructions below before trying to use the application for the first time. Setup Instructions Fleksy requires Apple's VoiceOver technology and supports iOS 5.0 or higher. You need to configure the Triple-click Home function of your device. To do this, go to Settings, General, Accessibility. The Triple-click Home setting is at the bottom of the Accessibility settings and should be set to "Toggle VoiceOver". In order to offer a more efficient text input system, Fleksy requires VoiceOver to be off when typing, and on when using the menu. The triple-click shortcut will allow you to quickly switch VoiceOver on and off without leaving the application. We also suggest that you enable keyboard clicking sounds. To enable clicks, go to Settings, Sounds and set "Keyboard clicks" to ON. Using the application Basics After you have completed the setup instructions, you can use the application. The application might take up to a minute to finish loading the first time you use it. Once it has finished loading, you will hear an alert. Triple-click the Home button to start typing. The bottom half of the screen becomes a keyboard in the standard QWERTY layout. But the way you type with Fleksy is very different to what you might have been used to. For instance, you will not get feedback on each letter that you type. Instead, you simply tap the screen where you think each letter of a word is, moving on to the next letter just like you would on a regular hardware keyboard. You only need to perform a single quick tap for each letter, instead of a double tap or a tap and hold gesture that you may be used to. There are no control keys that you may accidentally hit, like Shift, Backspace or even Space. Typing Let's take the word "bananas" and use it as an example. To type "bananas", first tap approximately where you think the letter B is. That should be near the middle and bottom part of the screen, and you only need to do a single tap. Don't worry about being too accurate. You will hear a clicking sound to indicate that a keypress has been registered. Next tap where you think the letter A is. That should be on the left part of the screen, and somewhat higher than your previous tap. Next tap on the letter N, approximately at the bottom right part of the screen. Continue tapping the rest of the letters A N A S to form the word "bananas". Once you are done, perform a right swipe gesture to indicate a space. The system will then automatically correct your input and read out the word that you typed. To type your next word, you simply start tapping on the next letters as described. Make sure to spell words correctly. Changing the autocorrection If instead of "bananas" you hear back a different word, you may change the correction to the next alternative suggestion by swiping down. Swiping up and down will navigate the different suggestions. When you hear the suggestion you want, you do not need to do anything to confirm it. You can start typing the next word. Deleting To delete a word, simply swipe left. You will hear back that the word was deleted. To delete multple words quickly, swipe left and hold. If you start typing a word and realize that you meant to type something different, swipe left to tell the system to discard your last taps and start typing again. Read Back You can get Fleksy to read back your text at any time. To do this, just put the iPhone close to your ear, as if you are making a call. Fleksy will recognize your movement and start reading back what you have typed. Punctuation To enter punctuation after you have typed a word, swipe one more time to the right. Fleksy will then add a period right after the word. You can change the period to a comma, question mark or other punctuation marks by swiping down, just like changing the suggested corrections of words. To delete a punctuation mark, swipe to the left like you do to delete a word. Advanced Punctuation You can invoke a more advanced punctuation menu, by using the "rotor" gesture. To do this, place two fingers on your iPhone screen, and rotate them clockwise, as if you are turning a knob. This will bring up a symbols keyboard. You can use this, by hovering your finger over the keys. Once you lift your finger, the system will imput the key you pressed and read it back to you. You can invoke the numbers keypad with a further rotation with two fingers clockwise, and get back to text entry mode with another rotation clockwise. New Lines You can enter new lines by swiping to the right, and holding your finger on the screen. Entering manual words Sometimes, you will want to type a word that does not exist in the system dictionary, such as a name. To do this, you need to accurately type the word, letter by letter. Feel free to use the "hover" function to find the exact right letters to press. Then swipe right, as you normally do. The system will first try to locate the closest word in the dictionary, as it normally does. If you then swipe up, Fleksy will discard its suggestion and revert to the precise text you entered. Capitalization Fleksy will automatically capitalize words in the beginning of sentences as well as names. Menu Once you are done typing, triple-click the Home button. This will re-enable VoiceOver, read back the text you have typed and bring up the action menu. From here you can send the text you entered as a Message or Email, you can Tweet it, or copy it for use in another application. Whichever option you choose, Fleksy will bring up the familiar composing interface with your text pre-filled in the message body. If you communicate with a person frequently, you may add their number or email address i I would recommend become a beta tester

Submitted by lelia on Friday, June 15, 2012

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How long did it take for you to get your build? I still haven't received mine.