any Blind or visually impaired's app developer?

App Development
hey all, I'm thinking about learning app developing or creating an app especially for IOS devices. any resources for app developing or learning how to make or create an app? does any blind or visually impaired people are working in it right now? and does it has any difficulties?



Submitted by Lucas Radaelli on Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hey there, I bought a mac last year. I started studying iOs development 5 months ago, but I didn't have much time to spend on it since I am finishing college. What I have encountered so far is a lot of difficulties. 1. Most of the examples around the Internet to create interfaces are based over interface builder, a part of the x-code development IDE, witch is not accessible to VI users. There is a way to create interfaces via code, but the examples are really rare, since it is not a common practice. What I have understood you just create this kind of interface via code when you want to create special UI elements (user interface elements), that are not default ones. 2. I have been reading, witch is a good place to start if you already know how to program, and I have found some great stuff there. Unfortunately most of the examples are built using interface builder. 3. Finally, I think that besides what I have mentioned, is totally possible for a blind person know how to program for iOs, since there is already a blind programmer doing this kind of stuff. He already has more than 3 apps, I guess, in the appstore. His blog is: - it is in Spanish, but you can translate the content using google translator, witch is present in the beginning of the page. Hope that helps a little bit :) I hope to see more comments in this topic, I am waiting for tips to how to use with x-code. My problem is not programming, my problem is dealing with x-code :P