an app for detecting light sources?

I really hope someone can help me. before IOS 11, I was using an app that someone got me hooked on way back in late November 2012 called VisionHunt 2.6.1. I loved this app for detecting if lights in my hours were on or off. it never got updates, but it worked for what I needed so that was ok. now that apple changed things in IOS 11 where 32 bit apps no longer work, I can't use this app anymore, so I need a new one. the thing I liked about this app was that it was more than just detecting light sources. it was also a color detector, and it had a couple other things it could do too. I don't care if I have to pay for the app, so long as it does what I need it too, and it does as advertised.


#1 Boop Light Detector.


If you search for Boop Light Detector on the app store, you should be able to find it.

It's an app that raizes in pitch the brighter the light is and it's completely free.

#2 Nice

That is better than the physical light locator. I have one of those but I never care to bring them. Now I have one in my phone.