Anyone know of any good Facebook Clients for Mac OS X?


After hearing about this new image description service in Facebook, I am once again tempted to try FB. However, the last time I tried it, I didn't have much of a use for it. More importantly, I didn't like the fact that I couldn't find a program to access it on my computer. I tried the regular and mobile websites, but found navigation to be clunky and not to my satisfaction. The iOS app wasn't that great, and I am not a mobile user. I use my computer primarily and my iPhone when it's not convenient to carry around my MacBook Air. So, can you get a program that links into the FB site with APIs or something? I heard about something called app for Facebook, but it seemed to be the web interface which is not what I want. If I can't find anything, I cannot consider Facebook. I want to use it on my computer in an easy to use program with lists and menus etc. I'm thinking something comparable to Night Owl or the Twitter app on OS X. I want a program, not a web interface. So, is this possible?


#1 I use the mobile website but

I use the mobile website but I use the trick of enabling the developed menu then in advanced part of safari prefs, then going to develop, then user agent and checking firefox for windows. You can also try go for facebook found in the MAS. That is, mac app store.

#2 Go Mobile

I tried the Go For Facebook application after seeing it recommended by a number of users on here. However, for me, the experience of using it was very poor. It simply felt like a HTML wrapper of the mobile version of the Facebook website … but not as good. The movement of VoiceOver focus and general navigation just didn’t feel right, and at times left me wondering if there was page content which VoiceOver wasn’t finding.

So, all of that to say that I would agree that the mobile version of the website is probably the best option right now for the Mac.

#3 access key

I recently started using facebook for the first time. Does anyone know what it means when vo announces access key available? For example: profile access key available 2. Other than that I am getting by with headings and links. I will have to try the mobile site.

#4 Probably keyboard keys we

Probably keyboard keys we cant access. At least I can't get them to work.

#5 eyes on success

As luck would have it, this weeks pod cast of eyes on success is on tips for using face book.

#6 Eyes on Success

Is there a transcript for Eyes on Success? I am Deaf-Blind and am interested in learning more about what was said in that podcast.

#7 There are at least show notes

There are at least show notes. You find them by going to You can search by key words, or show I believe. Best of luck