Anyone else having the audio ducking issue after watching a video on Facebook?

Good afternoon all, I'm having an issue that is kind of irritating. Since iOS nine, I cannot watch a video on Facebook without voiceover getting softer after backing out of the video. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a workaround to eliminate the issue?


#1 I have

I did experience this problem the one time I listened to a video in Facebook. I closed Facebook in the task switcher and the volume came back up, albeit somewhat gradually.

#2 Affirmative

Yes, I have to close FaceBook in order to get VoiceOver to unduck.

#3 The only workaround is you

The only workaround is you have to Press the home key and turn Siri on and off.
Hope this helps. Cheers.

#4 Same issues

My voiceover goes down as soon as I open Facebook… I'm running the latest version of Facebook as of 11/4/2015, and iOS 9.1…. As soon as I close Facebook, the voiceover comes back up… I also noticed that the Facebook icon doesn't show notifications… I have to actually open up the app, and Touch the notification tab, to see if I have any notifications... Does anyone know if Apple or Facebook is working on these problems?

#5 Same here

Same here

Killing fb in the app switcher fixes it, but it's annoying