any suggestions for scanning apps or ways to scan on iPhone

I'd like some help with knowing which is the best scanning app out there now, or which 2 or 3 are good right now. I downloaded prizmo because I heard and read that it was a good app and spent ten dollars on it, but even with sighted help cannot seem to get it to work right. I read on the app store that there is an app called SmartScan+OCR which includes a feature that detects the edges of the page and corrects the scann. I've noticed that the other scanning apps I have besides and including prizmo say detecting edges, but I'm not sure if I should move the iPhone or leave it still because its trying to correct the scan picture. Any suggestions would be helpfull, since as a blind individual I rae'lly need to read all the printed material out there.


#1 apps Scanner

Hi There are others scanners apps how ever I am not sure or i can't say which of them is better. Try SayText is free on apStore, it's similar at Prizmo. Others apps are: SmartScan, ImageToText

#2 saytext

Hi Marco, do you have success with saytext? I certainly don't. I can't seem to ever get the entire page in focus.

#3 SayText/Prizmo

Yes it works for me. I use Prizmo and Say text and I do have success with both but Prizmo when I scan the text something I won't read it right . With say text I do have results when It reads to me the address from the letters you just have to focus the camara where the address is at. And with Prizmo I like the app because when a do copy to a text it's a lot easier to forward to my contacts. . I haven't use smart scan image to text because say text and Prizmo have work for me

#4 I've not had much luck with

I've not had much luck with Prizmo or say text. Prizmo worked about once but the rest of the time I get jibberish or nothing.

#5 TextDetective

Hi Guys There is a New Scanner OCR app called TextDetective the price is 1.99 US Dollar, check out the podcast on this side