Any FREE Audio Fighting Games In The U.S. iTunes Store

Hi my name is Tunmi. I'm an iPad user and I've been trying to look for audiogames that are free. I'm a blind warrior, meaning I love audiogames having to do with battle. Any free ones? Please list them in separate lines because my Refreshabraille which is what I'm typing on can't tell which games are which, unless you put them separately in list form. Thanks.

Here are the audiogames I have so far:

A Blind Legend


Try these

On audio fighting games, there aren't much. However try these.
1. nebula game by grey company
2. Where's my rubber ducky

Any more

Thanks for Nebula Game I like it, but any more?

Well, there are also

Well, right now, I can think of two more. One is called free jump in saucers, which is somewhat like nebula game and the other one it isn't an audio game, however it is just about fighting. It is an RPG game. It is adventure to fate battle arena. I'll try to think of more.


I'll just keep getting posts on here. Your suggesttions are great :

audio defence

Along the line of rubber ducky and sixth sense, but way way better. A little buggy on my 6+ though.

Hi Igna. Is the game you are

Hi Igna. Is the game you are talking about for Mac called "The blind swordsman?" I thought of it when you were talking about mac or PC.

That game should

That game should be for iOS. It should be developed for iOS. But Audio Defence is also a good game but it coms money. Do you think they'll make it free on Black Friday?
Audio Defence : Zombie Arena by Somethin' Else

To answer Igna's

To answer Igna's question, no I don't have a PC or a Mac. Just an iPad.

Yes, it was the blind swordsman that I was

Yes, it was the blind swordsman that I was talking about. I think it was on a forum, that the developer of the blind swordsman posted that he would try to make the game for iOS. Not sure if this will happen though. It would be Awesome if it did.

Another game

Another fighting game for For both ios is I samuray critical strike. You'll find about two versions on the App Store, one is free. The buttons are unlabeled, however it is easy to figure out what they do.

I already

I already know these games by Toy Kite Software.

iBasketball not found either

iBasketball not found either. I know that iBasketball is another game, but I can't find it. The only iBasketball I find is an app to check basketball schedules, that's it. This app would not be on my list.

Try blindfold

These are not fighting games, but ty blindfold bolling and blindfold hopper.

I play

I play these games already.

Uh-oh, looks like

Uh-oh, looks like iMobsters isn't available in the U.S. iTunes Store. That's a problem. I really wanted to dive for your suggesttion.

I wonder...

I wonder why iMobsters isn't available in the US app store. I downloaded the app a while ago. I didn't realize it wasn't in the US app store.

It's not your

It's not your fault. Most of the games I've been trying to look for in the U.S. Store are paid, meaning most of the audiogames. But I think more can be found in other App Store regions, but my Apple ID, (which only allows free purchases), only makes purchases in the U.S. Store.

Have you Tried

Have you tried blindfold break out? it was just released a few days ago.

I've never

I've never heard that game. I usually get mail in my Inbox from Marty Schultz about new games by Kid Friendly Software.

Oh no! :(

Oh no! :( This game is not in the U.S. App Store. :(


I just downloaded breakout, it should be there. I know theres a button at the bottom that says get upgrades, probably have to pay for those.


Odd. I have the us AppStore and I can find it. Have you tried searching for it on other ios devices?

Yeah I did that but

Yeah I did that but I'll just keep trying then. And I only have an iPad. Sorry.


App Developer

Hi! I'm Michael, and I also checked, and I can't find IMobsters either! My only thought is maybe they deleted it right after you downloaded it! I also can't find Audio Defence: Zombie Arena!

Hi Mike,

Hi Mike,
Audi defense has been removed and is not being developed by somethin' else anymore.

Hi Mike

App Developer

Okay! Are there any others that are free? I love the audio games! Who created @Sixth Sense?

I honestly don't know, it was

I honestly don't know, it was something like Bit Bee, but I'm not sure. That game fell by the wayside also

I don't know, but it

App Developer

I actually have sixth sense and I like it! It is bit bee, I rememb}! Do they have any more apps?

blind gladiator

well. blind gladiator is a good one.
even it is not free. but, you know they are working very hard to develop such as a good game.

Blind Gladiator

App Developer

Does Bit Bee have any new apps just like sixth sense? For those who have dice world, my username is giantspider!

hope it can be hapening next year

I hope it will have more game that we can play such as gladiator, sixsence and audio defence.
these game are amazing.
and I don't care about it will be a paid app.
because people's hard work should be reward

About sixth sense

Hellow, i've just herd about sixth sense, and i found that its not updated to support ios 11-12, so do you think they'll update it to support these versions?

probably not

that game hasn't been updated since i think 2014 or earlier. i don't think they'll update; which sucks. that was an great gameWe


I hope nebula game and the other payed are free, i really want an accessable action game to play, and do some of you have the game called dusk?
If any one haves this game i'll be glad to play with him in mvltiplayer mode.