Any accessible app for learning a new language?

Hi, first of all sorry for my bad English because I'm from Turkey.
Does anyone know any accessible IOS app for learn a new language? I use duolingo in my computer but it wants so much writing, I'm not good at writing in IPhone. I use memrise too, but the same problem; it wants so much writing. It teaches a new Word, and it wants me to write it. I can do it in my computer but not in my phone..
I hope you can understand what I'm asking, have a good day


two language learning apps

I'm using two apps: Duolingo and memrise to learn new languages. Both of them are accessible and free on the appstore. I think they are worth trying.

I mentioned about them in my

I mentioned about them in my first message
Yes, I know them and I use them in my computer but they want a lot of writing and I'm not good at writing in my phone

App for speaking practice

App Developer

I work for a new app called Tandem which helps you find language exchange partners through your phone. As these exchanges happen over video chat, it might be a good option for you? More info on the website ( and it is free to download on the App Store :)

tothe tandem developer

There is a stage in your app registration that is not accessible to blind voice over users. You have to drag and drop the languages into the correct boxes, and that is not possible for us to do, making it impossible to register. I sent you an e-mail about this: maybe we can discuss better ways for blind users to do this within the app?

Mango Languages

Hi. I'm not sure if this will help, but have you tried Mango Languages? I've found it to be the most accessible fo the three language apps I've tried. I don't know if it will meet your particular needs, but check it out: it's a great app!

Microsoft translator

I use translator from Microsoft. If you have MS product and account it free. I also downloaded word and use my account and that help with the app translator. is accessible and has a voice feature.

I actually am wondering about

I actually am wondering about this to. I need to brush up on my basic wspanish from 10 years ago, like start over from square 1. I'm heading on vacation in 7 months internationallyand I want to at least get around.