Any accessible alarm clock apps

Hey guys,
It turned out that I was almost late for school, because for one thing, my iPad's alarm didn't wake me up. I set the volume at 100% and instead of getting up at 6:15 AM, I got up at 6:49 AM.
Are there any accessible alarm clock apps that are loud and clear? And that will not startle me awake? Thanks.



It's a fact of life: you need an alarm that will startle you awake so that you get up. If your alarm was playing a nice, beautiful sound, you would not want to get up because you wanted to listen to the sound. Look at the different sound selections; I don't use an alarm but I'm sure there must be something there that would force you to wake up and not be almost late to school.

The sounds

The sounds? I've used them all. I don't really like using my iPad's regular ringtones. I want an accessible alarm clock app that has sounds of their own.


Well, if you don't like the sounds, I thought that you could buy more on iTunes. I would not recommend downloading free ones because they could potentially harm your device. I'm not even sure if you could buy them on iTunes; as I said, I don't use an alarm clock app.

Another way to put sounds on your iPad

Hi Tunmi. Another way to wake up to different sounds on your iPad is if you have a computer and cd's or music on your computer put it in iTunes and sync what you want to your phone. After that just use the alarm clock on your phone and you can use your music you have on your phone as an alarm.

Our computer is having

Our computer is having technical difficulties right now, but I think I knew an app called YY Alarm Clock?

That depends on what you are looking for.

Hello. If you look on apple vis, there should be lots of alarm clock apps. Some apps, like Pandora, or Tune in, have alarm functionality. Others, like speak to snoose alarm clock, or sleep cycle alarm clock, are simply alarms, or alarms with other functionality. I think the best thing for you to do is to search on apple vis and try and find something that works for you, since only you are going to know what type of app is going to work for you.
I hope you find this helpfull.

I use an app called motionx

I use an app called motionx 24 hour fitness tracking. It has a smart alarm that wakes you up during a specific window like some of the fitness tracking bands out there. It vibrates and plays sounds that are in the app, and works well for my needs. So let's say I set an alarm for 6:00 and the window for 30 minutes, then it'll wake me up in that 30 minute window when sleep is lightest in your cycle.
PS, I don't remember if it is free or not, but it works well with VO.

Hey, Tunmi try

Try Yocto clock it is really accessible with VO

Yocto pulled?

Wasn't yocto alarm clock pulled from the app store? went looking for it, and couldn't find it. When i clicked the link in the apple vis dirrectory i was told the item wasn't available in the U.S. store. Now if only carrot alarm would gain VO support, that would be AWESOME! My alarms don't ever seem to completely do the job, so I have fifteen of them. would be nice to cut it down to one.

I've downloaded Sleep Cycle

I've downloaded Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, and it's great! Thanks for the suggesttion.
Reply to the last comment:
Yes, I searched for that too, couldn't find it. Clicked the link in the iOS App Directory, said the item wasn't available in the U.S. store.

Alarm clock.

I use the alarm clock already on the phone. I just tell Siri what time I need an alarm and he'll set it.

I contacted

I contacted the developer of Yocto Alarm clock via Twitter because the app wasn't on the app store. He said that he would put the app back up.

Getting Yocto Alarm Clock back would be great

Getting Yocto Alarm Clock back would be great, since the Alarm Clock functions from the Alarmed app by the same developer got pulled in version 3.0 on the grounds that there were too many functions to support, and they would be available in the Yocto Alarm Clock app. I still have it, but new users who look for it are out of luck since it got pulled.

Thanks for contacting the developer, Maria. I think it was the best of the Alarm Clock apps.


Thanks for contacting the developer, Maria. I would really want to get the app on my iPad.
Also, has anybody tried out Alarm Clock 4? Can you check its accessibility please? Thanks.

I will

I will try it out. I will try contacting the dev again. Alarmed got pulled too?

Fantastic news

I really like the alarm clock app on my phone but that one is very straight forward to use, and you can have yocto simply go through your head phones, awesome if your in a place with multiple people.

Any news on Yocto alarm clock?

I loved yocto alarm clock, it was great, because the alarm wouldn't obnoxiously go off through the built-in speaker even when I had a bluetooth speaker connected, plus, it would shuffle my music collection, so I'd never know which song I was going to wake up to from day to day, that was cool! Has anyone heard from the developer about the status of the yocto clock app?

Shake to wake

I found this app today. It is loud and requires you to shake your phone or iPod to be able to turn it off. You can set shake sensitivity to low, medium or high. I have it on high because then I really have to be awake to be able to turn the thing off. The app is fully accessible. Believe me, I have been looking for such an app because I used to have Yocto Alarm Clock but now that this is gone I had to find a new one and it took a very long time, but here it is. No ads and no in app purchases and all ready to wake you.