Alternative home gesture

I have recently made the transition from an iphone 6s to 10 R. I'm loving the better battery life and face ID. The combination of a bigger phone and no home button has been a bit frustrating.

Just stumbled upon the ability to assign home to a custinm gesture in the commands section. I have found this to be a huge improvement For now I've opted for 2 finger swipe left. It is making life a lot easier, so thought I'd pass the suggestion along to the masses..


For me I don't mind the way

For me I don't mind the way it is now. It just feels good, like an android device I had once. I have the two finger swipe left to move from app to app and 2 finger swipe right to do the same but the other way.

Thanks for the idea though.

Other alternatives

I have a home button on my iPhone 8, but for me, the rotor gesture is a bit awkward, so I configured the 2-finger swipe left to rotate the rotor counterclockwise and the 2-finger swipe right to rotate the rotor clockwise. I find this easier and more reliable so that I'm not accidentally changing a rotor value instead of rotating to the next option.

Yep. You could as well

Yep. You could as well configure it so that the gestures are liek samsung, 3 finger swipe up and down fo rthe rotor options, and 3 finger swipe left and right for the choices, or actually reverse that, or something. I'ts ben a year since i touched an s9 lol! But yeah. For me the no home button is quite easy to handle. I have gotten used to it, took a few hours but there you go.

Vo gestures without the Home Button.

Since now there is no Home Button: How do you invoke Siri without saying, "Hey Siri", how do you switch between apps, and now what's the command or gesture to get back to the Home Screen? Thanks.

Found my answer.

I found the Applevis podcast that answered all my questions. Thank you, Dave Mason!

custom VO gestures

I think that the custom gesture to open VO settings has made things a lot easier for me. Now I don't have to go through the hierarchy of folders in the settings app to get to the VO settings. If I want to get to the other accessibility settings easier, all I have to do is perform the custom gesture and hit the back button once and I'm there. I use the VO settings gesture all the time. I have it assigned to two separate gestures, two finger quadruple tap and four finger triple tap.