Alternative home gesture

I have recently made the transition from an iphone 6s to 10 R. I'm loving the better battery life and face ID. The combination of a bigger phone and no home button has been a bit frustrating.

Just stumbled upon the ability to assign home to a custinm gesture in the commands section. I have found this to be a huge improvement For now I've opted for 2 finger swipe left. It is making life a lot easier, so thought I'd pass the suggestion along to the masses..


#1 For me I don't mind the way

For me I don't mind the way it is now. It just feels good, like an android device I had once. I have the two finger swipe left to move from app to app and 2 finger swipe right to do the same but the other way.

Thanks for the idea though.

#2 Other alternatives

I have a home button on my iPhone 8, but for me, the rotor gesture is a bit awkward, so I configured the 2-finger swipe left to rotate the rotor counterclockwise and the 2-finger swipe right to rotate the rotor clockwise. I find this easier and more reliable so that I'm not accidentally changing a rotor value instead of rotating to the next option.

#3 Yep. You could as well

Yep. You could as well configure it so that the gestures are liek samsung, 3 finger swipe up and down fo rthe rotor options, and 3 finger swipe left and right for the choices, or actually reverse that, or something. I'ts ben a year since i touched an s9 lol! But yeah. For me the no home button is quite easy to handle. I have gotten used to it, took a few hours but there you go.