Adobe Flash for iOS

I am a student in school. I need an app that works with both iPhone and iPad that is a browser with Adobe Flash player that is accessible with Voice Over, as I am taking an online course. Any help would be greatly apreciated as soon as possible, as my class begins tomorrow!!!


Flash on iOS

Hi Kayla,

Unfortunately, Apple has consistently not supported Flash on the iOS platform. It's workable on the Mac, but Apple does not support the Adobe Flash protocol in it's native applications or developer SDK's for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

Sorry about this. I know it must be a huge inconvenience.

Hope this helps.

IOS and flash player

You can download skyfire and it is accessible and does play flash content on any IOS device.


I think Google Chrome will handle Flash.

Worth Noting

It would be worth noting that this only works with videos, after doing some brief research.
Sorry for my misinformation -- it seems these products' support for flash is sort of recent. Good to know about them!


Thanks all. I tried Chrome and it didn't work so well but I will try skyfire. If you find any other apps please comment! Thanks again!

Link Not Found

I tried to find the link for Skyfire and I even looked through the AppleVis apps. There was a link but it was not valid. I tried clicking on it but the App Store didn't find it.


Doing yet more research, it appears I was correct. Apple frowns upon the use of Skyfire -- the last update was in the middle of 2012, more than two years ago. It doesn't appear to be in the app store either. (Just google 'skyfire on app store' and there are several articles. The Wikipedia article also says the last update was in 2012.)

flash on iOS


I believe the only way to get flash on iOS is to jailbreak your device and find a flash tweak in Cydia.
I cannot help you further as I have not tried this myself but have only heard of it.
Someone let me know if I'm wrong about this please.