adding widgets to the home screen?

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guys, I am at a total loss.

Apple Accessibility is completely unsure as well. They have even gone so far to tell me this feature does not even exist, however, I know beyond a doubt that it does. I saw it demonstrated at wwdc.

I am currently using an iPad mini fifth generation running iOS 13.1. No, this is not a beta. This is the official 13.1 release. I guess technically, it would be considered as iPadOS. You know what I meant though.

One of the new features in iOS/iPadOS 13 is the ability to add widgets not only to your today screen, but also directly on your home screen. how on gods green earth is this done? All the instructions I see when I Google or not working.

from what I see, you are supposed to be able to go to the today screen, scroll all the way to the bottom, tap on edit, then scroll all the way down and you will find a section that says keep in home screen.

try as I may, both in landscape, as well as portrait view, I do not see this option. I see edit, but after tapping on edit, nothing further.

is this feature only available with the full sized iPad, but not with the fifth generation mini? I would find that hard to believe, but I guess anything is possible. :-)

it is not working on my iPhone XS either.

if someone could give me a step-by-step guide on how to do this, and even more importantly, a confirmation if this is compatible with the fifth generation iPad mini, that would be very much appreciated!

please have a fabulous rest of your day! I look forward to hearing you all's comments/answers.


Some info

You can't add widgets individually to the Home screen; what you can do is have it so that the Today View (which is where your enabled widgets are located) is pinned permanently on the first page of your Home screen.

The result is that the Today View will occupy approximately one third of the screen, with the app icons to its right.

Note that this is not an option on the iPhone.

I don't know if it's supported on the iPad Mini.

On my iPad Air, you double-tap on the Edit button at the bottom of the Today View; and near to the top of the screen that this will display there is a toggle with the text “Keep on Home Screen, Keep the Today View on the Home Screen next to your apps.”

Note that this toggle is above the list of available widgets.

If it's not there for you, then that probably indicates that this feature is not supported on iPad Mini.

Also note that when this is enabled, it will only show the Today View on the Home screen when the iPad is in landscape. When in portrait, you will need to perform a gesture or use a keyboard shortcut to reveal it.

IPad Mini — Happily Supported!

Using the IPad Mini 5th gen here myself, I love said feature!
The ‘keep today on home screen,” reminds me of the old ‘Today” screen on Windows Mobile devices.

OK guys, there is an unintuitive gotcha to this.

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OK, I did? manage to figure this out, and it is supported on iPad mini models. How? ever! there's one extremely, and I do mean ex? tremely! though very very very unintuitive, and very much not obvious step that you're missing.

Actually, one step, and one condition which must, and I repeat, *must!* be met.

Firstly, the condition is, as you said, this won't work on an iPhone. Only on an iPad, but here's the other catch: you must, must must must! be in lanscape orientation. This will not work in portrait no matter how hard you try.

As for the missing unintuitive step, I want to thank my best friend Ronald Glaser for this tip. How on earth he stumbled on this is beyond me.

Before this works, and before you see this option at the top of your today screen, you must do the following:

1. Open up Settings on your iPad.

2. Go to the display settings.

3. Almost all the way down the display settings on the right hand split side of the screen, you're going to see something about home screen layout. I don't recall the exact wording, but when you see it, it'll be obvious. It's actually a heading, so I'll becha that you probably could use your rotor, and navigate to headings, then flick down with one finger to the actual heading itself. Under here, you'll see two options... More, and Bigger.

By default, you most likely 99.999 percent chance are going to be selected on bigger. The first step is to change this by double tapping on More.

Basically what this does is to make the icons ever so slightly smaller on your screen. Don't worry. It's not so significant that you can't easily use touch exploration. Basically, it makes the icons about the same size as that on an actual iPhone instead of the default size you'd get on an iPad.

When you double tap on More, it's going to appear that nothing really happened at all, however trust me, it worked, as long as it now shows More as being selected instead of Bigger.

OK, now? comes the biggy!

Flick to the right one? more, time past the Bigger icon.

Presto! Now that you've set it above to More, an option becomes available, which before when set to Bigger was grayed out, so you would never've known from a Voiceover standpoint that it even existed.

You'll now see a toggle that says keep in home screen.

You should now be able to double tap right there to toggle it on.

There ya go!

Now, let's go back out to your home screen. Don't forget to stay in landscape! Otherwise, this ain't gonna work. (Never mind my bad grammar. LOL!)

Now, start hierarcicly from the top of your screen. Probably the best way to do this would be to 4 finger single tap at the top half of the screen. Boo'oom! There ya go! Now, your today screen is docked from the left most margin working horizontally to about... ow'w'w, I'm gonna say... what... maybe a quarter of the horizontal width of the screen, roughly? Virtically, it extends the whole way down the screen from top, right below the status bar all the way to the bottom edge.

Now, on the righthand remainder of the screen, obviously across the very very! top is still the remainder of your status bar, then just below this is your home screen with all your app icons and folders, if you have any created.

Below all this is your dock. By your dock, for those on iOS unfamiliar with that term, I'm talking about the row of apps or folders that you can have at the very very very bottom of the screen going across horizontally. Kind of like on your iPhone where normally by default the phone icon would sit, etc.

So, here's another good way to think of this.

You're correct. You're not actually gonna be putting widgets directly on your homescreen like you could do with most launchers on Android. It's good, but not quite that good yet. LOL! What you're essentially doing is to pin the today screen to your lefthand portion of the home screen. This way, from the first page of apps, you don't have to 3 finger flick right once to get to your today screen. Instead, it's just kind of always there. Don't worry. If an app is opened, the app will overlay the today left part of the screen. The only time you'll see it is if you're actually out on one of the pages of your home screen, but not while an app is in the foreground.

So, visually, imagine a split screen. You know how in Settings you've got all your different setting categories like general, display, sound, notifications, accessibility, etc going down the left side, then as you double tap one of those, they're highlighted, and the right portion of the screen dynamically updates to reflect, leaving the actual settings paynes still virtically going down the left side of the screen?

Well, the best way I can gbetter explain this is, the today screen when this is done kind of does the same thing. In other words, think of your home screen as now being split about a 4th of the way horizontally across, and all the way down. So if you was to draw an imaginary line with your finger straight down the screen from about a 4th the way over from the left side, this is about where it's split. Any boundery to the left of this imaginary line now would be your today screen with all your widgets. Anything to the right of this would be your home screen just as you've always known it.

Hopefully, this makes sense. If not, let me know, and I'll try to rephrase.