Accessible You Tube iPhone App

Would like to know what's the concession on the best you tube app for iPhone. I've looked at the official google you tube app & you player in the app store. The recent reviews on both apps don't seem to be very good. I realize most of the you tube apps are free, but I don't want to waste my time and "gig" space with an app that won't be accessible and work well. I'm using an iPhone 4S with the 6.0 ios at the moment. I'd appreciate any assistance, advice and insight from the group. Thanks, Adam


#1 McTube is pretty good

Hey, I use McTube Pro. The free version is pretty good. It has a great deal of accessibility albeit with some minor issues such as some buttons not being labeled. However, you can very easily figure out what these do. I like it because it seems to have an accessible interface similar to the official youtube app as the video is embedded to the page and allows you to look at comments, suggestions, and post comments all while watching the video itself.

#2 Official YouTube App Works Well

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Hi Adam, The official YouTube app from Google works well with VoiceOver and is free. The main complaint people have with it is that the video player is nonstandard and thus the two-finger double tap does not work. But, if you're wanting something free and pretty accessible, the official YouTube app is worth a look.