Accessible yet affordable Bluetooth speakers

Hi all:
I am writing to inquire if anyone knows of an accessible it yet affordable Bluetooth speaker. I did use the job own jam box for a while, but it is a bit expensive, and out of my price range. I have heard that the UE miniboom by Logitech is a nice speaker for its size, but that you have to have an app to run it etc.? I do not know how true this is, and and needing some suggestions/advice. I want something that's portable yet has rich sound. I don't expect expect Bose sound, but I would like something that is fairly rich and decent. Thanks in advance
Also, I would like something that does not distort when the volume is played at its full level.


#1 Thoughts on why saving is a better idea.

Hi. I understand you may not have the three hundred for a bose speaker, I only got the dock as a birthday present. Unfortunately Apple had changed lightning connectors after I bought it. My problem, and this is my view, is the fifty dollar speakers, seriously sound, like they are fifty. They will distory, they will also probably nto be as good as you want. You can look up stuff on you tube but you need to hear them for yourself in person. You can probably find a good speaker on something like blind bargains. Also if you buy new, I'll suggest promo codes, so you may get soem cash off, also look on black friday and other things. the UE boom does need an app I've heard it's accessible. I think there's a podcast on here if memory serves. I'd go to your best buy or other store and really touch them, listen to them whatever you need to do.

#2 I have the Jambox by Jawbone

I have the Jambox by Jawbone and if one can't afford Bose, it's the way to go.

#3 UEBoom

App Developer

UEBoom does not require an app. It is optional. The only useful thing the app does is let you daisy chain speakers together, rename the second addon speaker, and check the battery level. There are other ways to check the battery level; press + and - at the same time, check the Bluetooth status on the IPhone/Ipad status bar (bluetooth battery, 39%) as an example, or just download the app. For me, I can't see paying $200 for a 1 inch block made by boes. Especially when you are in an apartment that doesn't tolerate sound that can extend through your apartment door.