Accessible scheduling/alarm apps

Hi guys,

I just wanted to know if there are any accessible alarm or scheduling apps? In my classes I have to leave 5 minutes early in each class.
I tried to use the Clock app's Alarm feature, and turned off Snoozing for each alarm, but it didn't work. Whenever I pressed the volume button, the alarm would only pause for 10 minutes, even after I turned off snooze.
Any help would be appreciated.



Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately it seems to be paid. I don't have enough credit as of now, but appreciate the suggestion anyway.

native alarm clock

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If snooze is off, you can use the rotor to stop the alarm. The notification appears in the upper right of the screen. Use a single finger touch to find the notification. Then flick up/down to select the rotor function and double tap to activate.


This is another app that you can try