petition to Make Hotstar Accessible for Blind and Visually Impaired people

Accessibility Advocacy

Dear applevis community
Greetings from India
The Disney plus hotstar app is not accessible to blind and VI users in India. This means that we cannot take benefit of the content available and more importantly for me, it means I can’t watch the new Taylor Swift folklore documentary! Rising flames an organization from India started this petition. I’m sorry I know I’m late in finding this but I hope you all will help it to reach its target. Please find the link of the petition below.
Thank you so much.



Submitted by Mister Kayne on Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Don't want to let your spirits down. The applications for OTT entertainment like Zee Player, MX Player, Voot, HotStar and the many others that are developed in India lack basic WCAG requirements and are if not totally inaccessible. I have reached out to many of them in the past, the best they can do is reply to you saying we currently do not support this feature but will implement it in our future release. This is just lip service, it's not a feature request that we as a comunity are demanding but demanding that they comply with the best practices of application development as stated in the WCAG.

All the very best for your petition, I am signing it just to add to the number of supporters

Submitted by SeasonKing on Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Apparently I was part of a team who was doing accessibility testing of these apps, The detailed reports were submitted to the technical teams of the respective companies. I thought They would have learnt something from that report, but no luck. Seems like accessibility really takes a backseet when it's about Indian companies.
God I hated that work, and specially when I have to grab and transfer screen shots from IOS devices to Windows PCs. And maling them wasn't easy either, I couldn't select more than 1 image at a time, so I did individual selection and it was time-consuming.
I am very sure that someone is going to comment with some easy way to transfer screenshots, but let me tell you that I no longer do that work. And no, I was not responcible for testing Hotstar, back then it wasn't even merged with Dizney pluss.