One Voice - A polite discussion of how we, the community, can voice issues to Apple

Accessibility Advocacy


Just thought I'd set up this thread for people to throw some ideas around of how we might voice issues to apple regarding bugs, inaccessibility and any other issues.

My hope is to:

  • Develop a simple means of logging issues.
  • create a unified voice with said issues in mind.
  • Establish the best means of presenting these issues or findings to apple.

If we can meet these goals we can also extend the methodology to 3rd party developers.

I believe that unifying our voices on issues has much more power for change compared with that of individuals.

I realise that there are already methods such as the feedback app on beta builds, but if we have a means of everyone listing their issues, we can then collate the problems providing apple with coherent feedback and us with greater leverage as a group.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. My motivation is wanting us to stop in fighting and muster a solution. There are a lot of upset blind apple users, let's find a constructive way to resolve these problems.

So, please present your ideas in a considered and respectful way... We all know how such forums can devolve into fruitless squabbling. Let's work together on this solution.



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Good iedeas in principle, but what might be saver to me is not to others, and vice versa. Also the tl has the same issues. I might be fine with a bug and not wanting to contact as I feel it's not necessary, or think it's a feature etc.

FYI, Jonathan Mosen has spoken about his views about apple bugs and their lack of motivation to address them ASAP as bugs for the regular population. I am not interested in twitt or facebook but I know most of you listen to podcast to anything that has to do with technology such as apple. If apple does not address bugs that had documentaed by 2 updates that is when we need to talk about it to the media. If there is a major bug such as the one with VO not working after ending a call in the next update this need to be express. For those individual who think apple can not do wrong and they are great with accessibility, hope they will never have problem with bugs like the rest of us. It is time to do and not talk. Those who do, do those who do not just talk. Apple is a compony who only interest is making money.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

I don't listen to his podcasts, but I've heard him voice the same concerns over twitter which is what i do keep an eye on. No OS is perfect, but I have seen better from apple. At least my phone didn't brake like a certain beta we all remember, ios 5 beta 5 anybody?

Untill iOS 9, I think where I had the issue of getting notification on the lock screen and VO saying the time all the time, I did not have issues with bugs. However with unlucky 13, (stop any comment about me saying it), I am waiting for iOS 14. It can not be worse than iOS unlucky 13.

Submitted by DJ on Thursday, November 14, 2019

Maybe this is an opportunity for the community to act as one voice as it seems a number of people are experiencing issues with Siri voices