[Fixed] App store on IPad severely broken!

Accessibility Advocacy
OK, after updating to IOS 6.0.1 on my IPad, I'm seeing the app store is again! broken! If I double tap in the box to put in a search, I, for example, then searched for "Crockpot." I see there are 9 results under IPad apps. I can't swipe left or right, up or down, one finger, two finger, etc. to move between results. I can get that first result to show, but past that, forget it. My IPhone doesn't have this issue. It still has the adjuster at the bottom I can one finger flick up and down on to move between results, but I cannot on the IPad move, regardless. Between that and the one finger flick up not working either as described earlier, I'm growing to hate the IPad little by little. Can Apple not keep their shit straight for one second!? Parden the fran├žais, , but this is crazy! I'm not gonna allow myself to be tied to my computer just to search for and install apps! That's ridiculous! What if I'm out on the go, and not by my ITunes library on my system where I can do it that way, and I need an app quickly! Chris.



Submitted by Dan Eickmeier on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hi, to see if I could reproduce Chris's issue here which he talks of, I sure good. THis is on a third gen iPad, running the latest iOS. There's no way that i've found, to dig deeper into search results passed the first one. I thought navigating by headings might work, but nope.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I have a 3rd generation IPad, as well as a mini, and both are having the issue. Again, it's fine on the IPhone, but that's irrelavant

One good idea is to let Apple know, they can fix the layout of the app Store without updating iOS, apparently. It's not hard-coded into iOS, but is rather somewhere on Apple's server.

Submitted by Zack on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I agree, you should let the folks at Apple know that this is not working well. They fixed the store for the iPhone, they can for the iPad. I don't have one myself, so will stop here.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kevin, though I totally agree with what you said, the question isn't can they fix it. It's more will they! fix it? When we had this issue with the app store being broken, when I O S 6 first came out, it took a developer on N D A to breach his n d A and make Apple wake up and smell the rotton eggs before they finally said, fine! We'll fix it. I'm sorry but since Jobs has left, this company on accessibility has started to go to hell in a ham bag! I'm sad to say it, but let's look at the truth.

good news! I just read on twitter that apple has fixed the search results problem on the iPad app store, so you can now do it by using the rotor heading. I don't have an iPad myself, but just wanted to offer that bit of good news. I know lots of people will be glad to hear about this.

I don't think that the bitterness and conviction that this wouldn't have happened if Steve Jobs were still alive is relevant or necessarily true. Accessibility does break, because we're only human beings, and lashing out with accusations doesn't help anything. The important thing is that it is fixed now, and though I do not have an iPad myself, I am grateful for that.

Submitted by David Woodbridge on Friday, November 9, 2012

Lots of folks work behind the scenes, and send feedback to Apple either via the developer program or via accessibility@apple.com. Its never just one person or site that does this, but everyone giving constructive feedback on where things are broken. In the 3 ears I have been dealing with Apple, I've found the folks there to be helpful and honest, and sometimes those things which are broken do take quite a while to fix. David

I'd have to agree with David. I reported this issue last week, as I'm sure many others did. There's always going to be some bugs, and they're not always fixed as quick as we'd like, but it's not that simple. This talk of Apple no longer having the same committment to accessibility since Jobs passed away is complete nonsense in my opinion. Thanks to the advocacy of groups like this and others, and probably in some part to the example set by Apple, we are seeing more and more built-in accessibility in mainstream products. There's Narrator in Windows 8, Talkback in Android, audio description in Sky TV boxes in the UK & Ireland, and increasing amounts of sign and captioning for the deaf; just to give a few examples. I think things are only getting better. Sorry for the rant!! :) I just like to see strong advocacy, but think there's been a little too much negativity about VoiceOver lately.

Submitted by daz on Friday, November 9, 2012

hi all, for some reason my iPad keeps saying can't connect to iTunes Store when i go to the App Store. i can't search using it. am in the UK. has anybody else got this issue?

I don't have an iPad but have experienced the same thing here with my iPod touch 4th gen. Just be patient, i'm quite certain it'll be back up soon. Relax, grab your fave beverage and enjoy the weekend. For you guys in the UK it's already started at the time I post this here!