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Hello, if I go in angar section of nebula, I see that all parameters are set to 0. How kan I increase the parameters? I am playing capter 1 level 2, how many enemies is necessary destroying to finish the level? Thank you in advance.


#1 Nebula

Regarding the hangar, you will unlock 2 points once you beat the first chapter. From what I remember on level 2, you have to get to the laser ships, and maybe fight 4 of them

#2 hanger

Each time you complete a chapter, you will get 2 points. Once one chapter is completed, that is to say, 4 levels; you will be taken straight to the hanger, and there you will see next to each atribute a button to level it up. hope this helps. this is taking a risk, but i spent my two first points after completing chapter 1 i think on on power shot, which deals much damage, and one on life, its very risky, and you will have to be careful, but if your careful, it helps beat the chapter because each one of your shots does more damage. also, the most you can have on each skill is 5 points

#3 Hello, thank you for answer.

Hello, thank you for answer. How many enemies have I to destroy to complete level 2 of capter 1? Thanx.

#4 re nebula

Hello, Is this a game? I've never heard of it before. What device is it on? Can you please post a link for it?Thank you :-)

#6 re, destroying enemies

To complete that level, focus on destroying the larger ships, that is, the ones that take more than two hits to bring down. i don't remember how many of those you have to destroy, maybee 5 or 6, but you'll know your close to the end of that level when the laser spaceship appears. hth and good luck

#7 Hello,

how kan I know what are larger ships? Thank you for answer.

#8 Larger ships

The larger ships are the ones with a distinctively lower tone than the normal ones from level 1.

#9 Good evening! Today I

Good evening! Today I downloaded the game and I'm trying to play but maybe I did not understand how to keep the phone. How should I keep the iphone? When I want to take me in front of the enemy ships to hit them I can hardly ever do, I pass too quickly to their left or right, I struggle to take me in front of them. Why does this happen? Maybe I'm wrong to keep the iphone or is there any change to be made? Thank you!

#10 Controls

The phone should be held in portrait mode flat in your hand. The issues you are having I continue to have with the game, and I think it just has to do with very slippery controls. From what you described, you are holding it right. You are just noticing what people have noticed before. S

#11 I'm sure an update will come

I'm sure an update will come out soon and we can play more easily. But maybe there is something that I did not understand in the tutorial. Please could you summarize me? Is there a way to protect yourself from enemy shots? I do not know, maybe some shield?

#12 Ship Attwacks

The only way to not get hit by ships is to dodge the ships when you hear a space-age gun firing sound. That means they are shooting at you, and you want to avoid them then. Other than that, there is no way to protect yourself from ships. All you can do is dodge.

#13 Ok thankyou!

Ok thankyou!