3 finger quadruple tap

I just came across this using my iPhone 6 running iOS 8.3 with VoiceOver and thought it might be of interest to some.

A 3 finger quadruple tap apparently will copy the last spoken text to the clipboard.

could be useful. I never knew of this gesture and thought I would share it with folks.



It's documented.

yeah. I knew of this for about a year now. In fact you could have found out about this sooner by invoking the vo help with a 4 finger double tap and doing a lot of the gestures. That one is in there.

It doesn't work for me

On my iPad Air 1 I would love to be able to do this but when I triple tap with three fingers I get speech off . I read that the gesture won't work if zoom is enabled but when I turn off zoom it still doesn't work.

4, not 3

With thee fingers, the following applies (add 1 if you're using Zoom as well):
1 tap - read the current position (page number eat).
2 taps: turn speech on or off.
3 taps: Turn the screen curtain on and off.
4 taps: Copy the last spoken phrase to the pasteboard, including any VoiceOver hints or whatever.

So it's 4 taps you want, not 3 Betsy.


Still can't make it work

With zoom running a three finger tfour-tap gives me screen curtain. A three finger five-tap seems to do nothing. After Voiceover reads a paragraph I go to Notes and try to paste but what gets pasted is a link I copied this morning.


I should have said it better - if after Voiceover reads a paragraph and I then tap three fingers five times then go try to paste the paragraph, the paragraph is not pasted. This is with Zoom running. I then went to settings and turned Zoom off and tapping three fingers four times did work. But I like to keep Zoom on so probably will not use this handy function often. Thanks for your help.

3 finger quadripal tap

It's a 3 finger quad tap. And you don't have to let the paragraph finish reading.
so tap the scren with 3 fingers 4 times rapidally, almost like the CW simble for h.

Take care.

Zoom must be turned off

Club AppleVis Member

This gesture does not work unless Zoom is turned off.

With zoom on:
1 tap = more info about focused item
2 taps = toggle zoom
3 taps = toggle speech
4 taps = toggle screen curtain

With zoom off:
1 tap = more info about focused item
2 taps = toggle speech
3 taps = toggle screen curtain
4 taps = copy last spoken phrase to clipboard

Doing a three-finger tap five times does nothing, regardless of whether or not zoom is enabled.

With a Bluetooth keyboard, you can copy the last spoken phrase by pressing Control-Option-Shift-C, just like on the Mac.