1writer questions

Hi all,
Just found out that 1 writer does the job it works with my Orbit reader ETC.
However according to the introduction it can save into Dropbox so I linked it to my account but I can't work out which format it saves in does it save to text automatically or do I have to export it and if so what do I do to get it and can I read it on windows?


#1 One Writer Answers

From the description of One Writer it says export it to plain text or PDF from what I can see. There may be other options but as I don't have the app I don't know for sure. May be checking this one out, however.

#2 The files it natively reads

The files it natively reads and writes are text files, so you shouldn't have any problem there.

About the only thing you'll need to be a bit careful of if you're editing files between Windows and iOS are line endings, since Windows and iOS are different. I don't have a Windows machine to test what happens if you edit a file on Windows then try to load it in oneWriter, unfortunately.