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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Description of App

Personal trainer for everyone! Set a goal, find exercise at your level and see real-time calorie burn. Energy Clock shows you up to the second calorie burn factoring sleep, rest and exercise from Fitnet exercise and other Health apps.

200+ free video fitness workouts with live selfie cam score. No more excuses, there is always a convenient time and place for fitness with Fitnet!

Fitnet Features:
• Up to the minute calorie tracking
• 5 & 7 minute workouts provide flexibility for your busy schedule
• Set a goal and get recommendations from our 250+ exercise video library
• Selfiecam scores your motion by comparing you to the trainer
• Apple Watch enables instant view of your calorie burn
• Go big with AppleTV and ChromeCast

Works with Apple Health: reads heart rate, sleep and workouts. Shares workouts and calories burned during exercise with Health.


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