Developer Feedback Template

Below is a template that you can modify to your own needs when providing feedback to an app developer. If you have encountered specific problems, be sure to describe these and indicate how they can be replicated.

Begin template:



As a blind user, I rely on Apple’s VoiceOver screen-reading software to interact with my iDevice.


As you may be aware, VoiceOver is an integral feature of all iOS devices, and this is why these are so popular among the blind and vision-impaired community. Apple has provided some information as to how VoiceOver works for the end user at


I understand that the current version of your app does not have full support for VoiceOver. This is unfortunate, as I (and I suspect many others) would like to be able to use the app.


I was hoping, therefore, that your development team would investigate the feasibility of fixing these issues.


Apple has provided a guide for developers on how to make their applications accessible at


Additional information for developing apps that are accessible to VoiceOver users can be found on the AppleVis website at


I would be delighted to assist your developers in any way that I can - beta testing any new versions for example.


Kind regards