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Description of App

Complicated. Your Watch, Your Way. Complicated is the simplest way to customize your Apple watch.

Complicated gives you endless control over your apple watch faces. Complicated supports an ever growing list of customizations.

Use Complicated to:
- Set custom messages on your apple watch face. Including Emoji on your Watch
- Add custom icons to your watch face. Search from a large library of icons to find the perfect icon for your Watch Face
- Reminders on your Watch. Show your most important to-do items right on your watch
- Create custom dials and progress bars on your watch face. See the progress of your goals or projects, at a glance
- Build your own customizations with Webhooks. Supports IFTTT, Zapier, curl, and any programming language. The possibilities are endless!

Coming Soon to Complicated!
- Daily Motivational Messages. A new motivational message every day directly on your watch
- Daily Bible Passages. Display a new Bible passage on your watch every day
- RSS Feeds. Show text from any RSS feed directly on your apple watch

Get Complicated, and take control of your apple watch today.

To unlock some features, you must purchase Complicated Pro. Complicated Pro is available as a monthly subscription of $1.99 USD.



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Accessibility Comments

This app is great and very accessible. There is a place near the bottom of the main screen that shows you your update link for the complication you have sulected. This element says that you can tap to copy the link. For me, the link does not copy, but you can just copy the last phrase VoiceOver spoke with a four finger quadruple tap and then delete the excess text when you paste the link in I F T T T etc.


Fully Accessible

Other Comments

I love this app, it has singel-handedly gotten me to dust off my old series 0 watch. Note, I have mainly used the web hooks type of complication, and I have not tried any of the paid updates, so I can not comment on the accessibility of all types of complications. However, the web hook complication can basically display anything you want, at least any text content. I created one complication that displays the subject of the most recent email I have received, and another complication that displays posts from my favorite subreddits, new content from Apple vis and other blogs, etc. Basically, one complication for work and one for fun. FYI, apart from the newer watch faces, which I do not have access to on my series 0, I believe the Siri watch face is the only one that allows you to have two different complications on the same face. I have tried almost every notable Apple watch app out there, and they are almost all terrible. Not only does this app offer huge added utility to my watch, with endless possibility for customization, but it's interface is very well put together, the help documents are awesome, and the developer seems really cool and open to feedback. For some reason, this app has a less then 4 star rating on the app store, at least at the time of me writing this. Let's see if we can help fix that. Be sure to post any cool complication ideas you come up with below.

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