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So... I got such a positive turnout on my last forum post, that I wanted to come back for another round. It's Easter morning here in the US, and I could use some laughs this morning, as frankly, right now, I'm feeling like a total idiot! I've been using Apple products now for almost 13 years, from a mac, to iOS devices, etc. So, as you can probably imagine, not to brag or anything, but I'm quite an advanced user by now.

So, here lies my question. Yes indeed. The million and one dollar question. LOL! Just kidding. But, in all seriousness, through your time learning Apple products, what are some stories along the way that you can remember either doing, or not doing, which later had you going, no? Duh! Shirlock?

I'll start with 3 examples of my own of which obviously every single one of them are not made up, and really are true. One of these stories I told a while back on the Mac Visionaries list, and almost every single subscriber on the list absolutely busted a gut rolling on the floor in laughter.

So, we'll start with that one first since by far, it's the funniest.

So one of my friends, who is a member of here, therefore, I'm not gonna reveal their name for privacy reasons, was visiting me from practically all the way across the entire country. He had somewhat recently purchased a white polycarbon macbook. So, these systems had the CD optycal superdrive in the right side of them. One thing to know for those who've never seen these units, the CD drive is not a tray/drawer that comes out. It's just a little slot. Like in the dashboard of a car. So you stick the CD in the slot, and the motor inside sucks the disc in. That's key here.

So, over on my desk, I had an open spendle of blank CD's. Well, my friend decided he wanted to burn a playlist from his iTunes. Seeing I literally, as a professional musician buy blank CD's in bulks, it really didn't matter to me much that he took one or 2 CD's without asking. a few discs wouldn't hurt me. Well, as you know, some brands of CD-R's have these plastic fake CD's on the top and bottom of the spendles with the real CD's sitting in between. Problem is, for a blind person, you'd never ever ever know the difference. They're thinner, but only fractionally so much, the naikid eye never would know. Neither would you know tactally. You probably know where this is going.

So nhickname wize, Homebird, we'll just call 'em, grabs a CD, and proceeds to put it in the slot. Well, er, r'r'r'rummm'mmm'mmm, Kurr'rr'rr, Urr'rr'rrk, kurr'rr'rr, br'r'r'r'rum, urr'rr'rr'rr? snn'nn'nnap? crunch? Followed by Chris, going: Sh'sh'shitt'tt'tt'tt! Long story short, the guy had grabbed one of those fake discs. Um, FYI? Don't try that at home. Yeah? the drive ate it. You can imagine: oh? yeah! That was real, fun going into the Apple Genious counter, um, Sir? Ehh, we gotta pwobwum! I bwoakiz mac. More like, he! broke it, LOL! We told them the situation, and the guy just about died. So, he goes to get the drive out of the unit so he could easily get out the fake CD. Well? He puts the CD in my hand, and more CD, and more CD, and, um, did I mention, uh, more! CD. The thing practically while in the drive shattered into like, 30 pieces. Suffice it to say, the superdrive was busted. Fortunately, they had mercy, and replaced it free of charge while laughing the whole way. You know the guys behind the counter had to be thinking, those, dorks? Really?

So, the second one, not near as funny, but still, was the few times I've tried waking up my Amazon Echo, but instead of saying A L E X A, for the wake word, I said Ahoy Siri, change that as you will. I'm trying to avoid setting off anyone's devices.

So, now, being my voice really carries, my homepod goes off in the other room down the hall. Oops? Duh, Chris!

Final one for me.

So, I have an Apple watch, and an iPhone 10S. On my watch, I've got it set to mirror my iPhone. So, I have a Do Not Disturb schedule set automatically over night. Well, a friend called me late last night. Obviously, they got my voicemail. Finally when I didn't hear from them, I call them instead. I then proceeded to call AT&T, as they were still open at this point. It was near closing hours though. Poor agent! Bless her heart. She stayed after time at the call center after they'd closed up for the evening for almost an hour and a half trying to look at provisioning and such on my account. We couldn't figure out why my watch wouldn't ring and neither would my iPhone. We didn't know if number sync came unglued, if somehow my account got suspended, etc. Nothing she did was working. Well, of corse not! So, we hung up with the final consensis that I would go on Monday into a store across town and see what they could do, or maybe give me replacement devices thinking somehow both the watch and phone spazzed on me. Well, at about 3 this morning, I woke up from a sound sleep, and it dawned on me! Do not Disturb! I went over to my phone, activated Siri, said disable do not disturb, she said done, I then used my land line, and tried calling my cell, and guess what! Presto! My phone and watch rang right away. God I felt like such an idiot!

So there's mine. What stories like this with Apple products have you all had that wasn't you just learning and not knowing what you yet were doing, but more things where boy you really! weren't paying attention and did something incredibly stupid! Oh, did I mention the time I broke the sim tray door on my iPhone from being really careless? We won't go there though.



Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Sunday, April 21, 2019

There have been a few times since Do Not Disturb has been released that I have forgotten it was on. fortunately, I didn't have to call Apple for assistance, but it certainly left me feeling rather silly, once I relealized I had left it on. I know you can utilize the time feature to have it turn on and off you as you see fit, but for me, I don't prefer that method. A simple turn on Do Not Disturb is how I like it. And by the way, I utilize this feature a lot. I would say it is one of the options that I use much more than I thought I would. Love it. Christopher, thanks for the laughs about the fake CD. Very funny.

Submitted by Igna Triay on Sunday, April 21, 2019

I was once in mac os recovery... and ended up erasing my mac's harddrive by mistake... not a big deal now, but back then... and making matters worse... after I erased my harddrive... I restarted my mac... I beyond screwed. lol I had to ask help from a friend the next day. Also, the time i turned on filevault as a beginner mac user comes to mind... then i was like, what the heck... why cant i access my computer... lol

Submitted by Ekaj on Monday, April 22, 2019

Lol thanks for the laughs everyone. I might not be as experienced on Mac OS or iOS as some of you, but I did manage to come up with a couple of things. The first "aha" moment happened about a year ago. I was out on our back deck with some neighbors, and had my MacBook with me. It started to rain, so I thought I'd take the Mac back indoors so as not to get it all wet. I immediately tucked it under one arm, and reached out with my free hand for the bannister. All of a sudden I tripped, and found myself going down the back stairs one by one. Fortunately I managed to stop myself just in the nick of time and grabbed onto the bannister. But that was a close one! There've been times--not many--where I've physically disconnected my external drive without first ejecting it. And yes, my Mac was not happy about this and VoiceOver started yelling at me. Supposedly this is bad for the system, or so I've heard. But I haven't done that for awhile now and won't do it again. I don't think I've had anything with my iPhone yet. Just the occasional grabbing it to put it in a pocket or something, and nearly having the device fall out of my hand. But luckily I've caught myself every time. When I first got the phone last year and was just learning the basics, I would exit apps without actually closing them via the App Switcher. But I've since learned the proper way to do this. I'm curious though as to whether or not I'll ever actually drop my iPhone or something. Hopefully not, but only time will tell.

Submitted by Clare Page on Monday, April 22, 2019

Hi! I just came across this thread, and the dumb moments with Apple devices so far have kept me smiling; I hope I can do the same with my own dumb moment. Some years ago, I was visiting my brother, who worked in a faraway country where I didn't speak the local language, so, when I got no sound from my earbuds (not sure whether they were yet called earpods back then), I didn't think of taking my iPhone to a local Apple Store or other suitable shop where the problem could perhaps be solved. I wasn't worried, anyway, as I'd taken the bluetooth headphones I had at the time with me. I used them for a couple of weeks, thinking there was something wrong with the 3.5 mm headphone jack on the iPhone 4S I had back then, but I finally decided to let my brother see if he could solve the problem, and the next moment he gave me back my iPhone with the volume turned back up while the earbuds were plugged in. I learned a valuable lesson that day: if I get no sound output from my iiPhone, whether it's headphones or speakers, the Volume Up button is my friend.

Submitted by mendi on Monday, April 22, 2019

This isn't necessarily Apple related, but it has happened, more than once. I was messing with both my computer and my iPhone at the same time, I think I had pressed a key on one, was waiting for it to do something, and started doing something else on the phone. Nonetheless, the phone was rambling, as it can do sometimes. I kept smacking the control key on my computer, expecting the speech to stop... only to realize, oh duh, that keyboard is connected to the computer, that has long since stopped talking. You're going to have to touch the screen on the other if you ever expect it to be quiet!

And yes, to the person who had the earbud issues, I had that once as well, although admittedly I did figure it out on my own before enlisting sighted help. Still though, it made me feel quite silly in the moment.

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