How to move app icons on your iOS device

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

This short guide shows how to rearrange app icons on your iOS device:

  1. First you need to do a double-tap and hold on the icon that you wish to move (make sure not to lift your finger after the second tap).
  2. Hold your finger on the screen until VoiceOver announces "moving <AppName>"
  3. Move your finger across the screen (making sure to keep your finger pressed to the screen whilst doing so). As you move your finger around the screen you will hear a 'click' sound. VoiceOver will make announcements as you move the app icon around the screen. If the icon is on top of another app icon it will announce "on <SeconAppName>". If you lift your finger now a new folder will be created that contains both the app that you were moving and the one that you placed it on top of. If you drag the app icon on top of an existing folder icon VoiceOver will announce "on <FolderName> folder". Lift your finger to add the app icon to that folder. If the icon you are moving is not on top of another app or folder icon, VoiceOver will announce the row and column number that the icon is currently passing through. If you are happy with this location, simply lift your finger.

If you wish to move the app icon to another page, then drag it to the far left or right of the current screen (the left will take you to the previous page, the right will take you to the next). Once on the desired page, simply use the instructions given above to place the app icon in the desired location.



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Submitted by Phil Templet on Sunday, July 1, 2012


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