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Hi all,

For those of you who are wondering where the App Directory entry for Talking Scientific Calculator went (particularly the people who posted comments on it!), I have removed it.

It was removed because it was posted by the developer. The value of this site is in hearing the impartial views of fellow VoiceOver users. Clearly a developer is never going to post impartial information on the accessibility of their apps. I should point out, though, that developers are more than welcome to respond to any comments that are made about the accessibility of their apps.

Hopefully, somebody will be able to post information on the actual accessibility of this app.





Submitted by kieran l on Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I really don't see the point of apple vis if devs aare going to poast there own apps. They may say it's voice over accessible just because it talks, but for all we know, it could be another bleep box

Sorry but I have to disagree here. I'm not one to do so but here goes. I think if the dev personally tested it with the screen curtain on and voice over running and they could use it successfully why not let them post their app and say what might need work and all of that, just as if htey are a blind user posting to apple vis? Take care.

Submitted by Adam Croser on Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sorry David. I was invited by a customer of the Talking Scientific Calculator to make a post on this web site, just to say "here it is." Neither of us realized that shouldn't be done. Cheers, Adam Croser

Submitted by Scottsdale on Thursday, January 27, 2011

In reply to by Adam Croser

Hi Adam et al, Hopefully, the customer that told you about AppleVis will have a spare moment to re-submit the app. Seems a shame for it not to be listed if it is accessible. For future reference, best idea is probably to make a post in the forum here if you've got a new app which you'd like to be listed. Someone will attend to it assuming the app is appealing, the review will be impartial as intended, and everyone is a winner. Don't let this discourage you man, AppleVis is the go-to place to research iOS accessibility, so if you've intentionally implemented accessibility then you definitely want to be listed. Cheers Scott

Submitted by Adam Croser on Friday, January 28, 2011

In reply to by Scottsdale

Thanks Scott. Indeed the customer, who happens to be an adaptive technology consultant, has told me he'll post a review next week. The app was definitely created to be accessible. In fact it was made at the request of a teacher, trained in both occupational therapy and education (special needs) who is working with low vis and blind kids. It was pointed out to me that an iPad plus the app would be more versatile and cheaper than the cost of a dedicated hardware talking scientific calculator. So it seemed to be a worthwhile project to begin. It has since grown into universal app that also works on iPhones and iPod touches. I presume the cost of hardware based calculators will continue to drop, but that is the history of this particular app. As for "where is and isn't appropriate to post" certain topics on this forum, it would be great if a simple guide was produced and made clear for new people signing up. It seems to me that AppleVis has the potential to facilitate some great collaboration between users and developers. Adam