what in the world happened to the audible app!

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this has got me slightly concerned. last night, I was using my iPad air, and decided to bring up the audible app to do some reading. when navigating my cloud Library via list view, I noticed that I could not explore the screen like before to locate the title of a particular item. Sliding my finger vertically down the screen simply gave me the little bink sound you get when nothing is located underneath your finger.

further, when I tried to flick through the list of titles, none of them were red consistently. Voiceover jumped all over the place losing focus almost constantly. it seems to me that the rest of the app still works just fine, but this list view has me quite concerned be in it is the main magic of the app. i've not tried switching to grid view. I wonder if that would work any better. i'll definitely have to give that a try and report back. I was just wondering, if anyone else is experiencing this exact same problem. I am definitely more than happy to call Audible tech-support, and report this problem, but before I do so, I wanted to make sure that somebody else also was experiencing this problem and that it wasn't just me going crazy.



Submitted by Missy Hoppe on Friday, December 5, 2014

Hi there! I have the newest version of the app on an iphone 5S, and there are no issues here. I can swipe through my library to my heart's content. I usually just use my victor reader, but like to keep this app around; guess it's good to have it if I'm ever in a situation where I need to show someone all the capabilities of the iphone and what it can do for blind users. Anyway, there are no issues here, so maybe it's something IPad related?

Submitted by Ro on Friday, December 5, 2014

Hi, I'm a heavy Audible user so I grabbed my iPad Mini and checked out cloud and swiping through works just fine for me in list view. I've never dragged my finger vertically but I tried that and I got the same result you described. I've just never explored like that since flicking works fine. It's odd that you're having those focus issues though. Maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

Oh yes, everything's current on my iPad.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Friday, December 5, 2014

First off, I changed the subject of this post, as saying the app is gross, on second thought, might have been a little bit harsh. You have a very valid point about it maybe being an IPad only thing, but I'm not totally sure. I'll see if I still have the issue. Last night, it was ridiculously cold in my room, and my fingers literally were almost numb from the cold. Who knows, maybe without knowing it, I was not flicking very well, although that wouldn't explain why when I simply used touch exploration it didn't work either. OK, I just paused from writing this post for a moment to install Audible on my IPhone 5S. I definitely am experiencing the same problem there as well. Are you absolutely sure that you're running Audible 2.3.1: 356? Do this for me, let me tell you exactly step by step what I'm doing. Make sure the app isn't in your app switcher; let's just start totally fresh. Now, go open the app from your home screen, or using Siri, or however you choose to do so. Now, tap at the very bottom left corner of the screen on the my library tab. Once there, go ahead and double tap on it to activate the tab. Now, touch in the top left corner of the screen, and locate the settings button. Once here, don't double tap it, just find it with your finger. Don't flick to it. I literally want you to find it with your finger. Again, if you're not good at this, it's in the top left corner of the screen. You almost can't miss it. Now, very slowly but gently, slide your finger virtically down the screen twoard you. Notice that as you do this, if you get the result I get, you'll find that all you hear is the little bloop bloop sound as you keep sliding your finger downwards. This didn't used to happehn. It used to be that as I was sliding my finger, every time I landed on one of the books in the list view, it read just fine. That's the other thing too, by the way. Are you sure you're in list view, and not grid view? Go to the very top of this library screen where you have the settings button. Flick right, and you'll get tabs for cloud, device, and search. Keep flicking right. All titles, double tap that, just to be safe. To the right of that you'll have recent, then delete which probably will be dimmed. That's ok if so. Keep flicking. Then refresh. And... oh! Shoot! You know what? You might not be able to do grid view unless on an IPad, cause I don't see the option. Hmm! w'w'wail? Hmm! Go figure! OK, well, do this then... Go back up to the top of the library tab and double tap on settings. Now in here, flick down past the legal info and all that crap. You'll get to the version number eventually. Is it the same as what I wrote above? If not, then try updating in the app store, then! see if you have the issue. If it is! the same, then I'm totally baffled. Here's another test. Go out of settings, and back to your library tab. Now, instead of moving your finger down the screen, just try flicking. The first screen or two of books might read fine, (key word: might!) but keep flicking. Let it auto-scroll. Don't use your 3 finger flick up or down. Just keep flicking. Especially try double tapping on a title to start it downloading. I notice especially that focus really goes hog wild crazy after doing that. Now, notice it will randomly jump you to a title which might be below, or maybe above where you were before. You might get lucky, but 9 times outta 10, it will jump around. This is definitely very bizarre. I trust you're not seeing this. I don't question you. I just wonder why on earth this is happenning over here on both of my devices. It's totally cockeyed!

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Friday, December 5, 2014

OK, I just tried reinstalling the app on my IPad, and it's still giving me the exact same problem. So, yeah. I'm perplexed.

Submitted by Missy Hoppe on Friday, December 5, 2014

Hi there! I have to wonder if you just seriously over-complicate things when it comes to this app. For example, all I did is go to the app stor and check under updates; it told me I had version 2.3.1. I'm not clear on all those overly complex steps you provided, but if I open the app from scratch, go to my library, everything works fine. I have VO sounds disabled because I find them annoying, so can't confirm or deny that aspect of your issue either. I hope you're able to get something figured out that solves the problem to your satisfaction, though.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Friday, December 5, 2014

OK, first of all, can we leave your opinions about me out of it? Everyone on this forum has different levels of skill when it comes to I O S. Me, I happen to be incredibly incredibly advanced. I also happen to be very very thorough. Saying that I am overcomplcating things is definitely not a fair assumption for you to make. I say this as, maybe for you, it was too complicated, quote unquote, but I gave you all of these steps just so that you could see precisely down to an exact T what I was doing, and how. I also wanted to be sure, given the fact that Audible can be configured several different combinations of ways, that you had your app set up exactly the way I did. It wouldn't be a fair test if you had things set differently, as one setting I might have enabled which you don't could be the magic key that caused it to break on my end. The extra verbiage was simply to explain how things were set on my end. This way, beyond a doubt, I knew that people without the issue were on the exact same version/build, and also that things were being tested not just how I'm doing them, but further, on the exact same configuration. If this is too hard for you to grasp or to follow, then I'm willing to respect that, however, I don't apreciate you stating that I over-complicate things when that statement, as you hopefully know in the tech world, is very subjective. Again, no hard feelings. I don't mean any of this rudely, and I am quite confident that you didn't either, but going forward, if my steps are too much for you to do, then perhaps you should practice more, and then when ready, try answerring the question, or, hand it off to someone who might have a bit more skill in the areas that I mention. I appreciate greatly you writing back, don't get me wrong, but the fact you can't follow someone who is very very thorough at testing/explaining isn't exactly my problem, no offense at all intended.

Submitted by dvdmth on Friday, December 5, 2014

A few versions ago, Audible redesigned the app, much to the dislike of a number of regular Audible app users, including sighted ones, who don't like the new interface.

One consequence of the new redesign is that VoiceOver reads the list of titles differently. Instead of each audiobook being its own element, spannning the entire width of the screen, the audiobook is now read as a series of elements, such as title, author, narrator, etc. Swiping through the list, you will hear each piece of the audiobook data separately, which means it takes quite a few more swipes to navigate through your library, especially if the title you want is buried deep.

You can still use touch navigation to browse through your library, but you must place your finger at the right spot horizontally on the screen, because the elements for each audiobook no longer span the entire screen width. Visually, there is cover art at the far left of the screen, then the audiobook information is displayed in text immediately to the right of the cover art. Your finger must pass over the text in order to hear anything from VoiceOver, so place your finger a short distance to the right of the left edge of the screen, and you should find the audiobooks there.

Grid view is not accessible with VoiceOver, so don't bother with it.

If you want to delete an audiobook after downloading it to your device, you must first press the Delete button near the top of the screen, which will create a series of Remove buttons alongside the audiobook titles. Double-tap the appropriate Remove button, and you will get a dialog asking for confirmation. The old way of swiping up or down to select a custom action does not work in the new Audible interface.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Friday, December 5, 2014

Someone give dvdmth a chocolate cookie! Dead spot on! Now this! is the type constructive discussion I like to have. Very to the point, but very very accurate. You are exactly right. Once I ran my finger further to the right of the screen, it read. Still, not very well, but, the point be taken, that yes. It did read as I slid my finger down the screen. Wow, that is really weird. I still don't quite get why when I double tapped to download a book, then started flicking around, it kept losing focus, but this is definitely very enlightening. Thank you for the help. I appreciate it.

Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Friday, December 5, 2014

I am an iPhone VoiceOver user and have to agree with the previous comment. The description of how books are now appearing as multiple elements is correct and very much disliked by this user. I am not experiencing the problems that prompted Chris's post, however. Whether I do a one-finger flick to the right or left or do a verticle exploration with one finger by tracing the screen up or down, I still see the same multiple elements related to a single book. They seem to appear on multiple lines.

I know this didn't help to answer your question Chris but I thought that I'd at least comment that the prior posting to mine is absolutely correct, unfortunately.

Submitted by Toonhead on Friday, December 5, 2014

Hi. Ok, I am going to give the steps that I do to use this app and I'm having no focus issues whatsoever.
1. To read a specific book I've downloaded, I do the following, this is without the app open at all...
1. double-tap on audible.
2. when it opens, the my library tab will be selected, and you'll be on the home screen just as expected.

3. Make sure that the device button is selected so you'll only see books you've downloaded.
if you flick to the right 6 times you will land on the most recent book you've downloaded, this is of course assuming that you have your library set to show the most recent book. I also notice that the book information is now spread over multiple elements but this isn't really a show-stopper for me. Also, I don't think Missy meant any disrespect to anyone, she was simply stating how things are for her, so please don't get bent out of shape too much. We're just trying to help. I'm having no issues here at all, whatsoever, this is on an iPhone 6. I've spoken to other folks who have iPhone 5s's and they're not having issues either. I am running the most recent audible app, they just released a new version a couple days ago. audible 2.3.1 revision 356. So while it might be a bit of an annoyance if you have a huge library of books, again it's not a complete show-stopper. you can get where you need to go without many problems.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hello Chris: AKA, Tunehead. First of all, I'd like to apologize for the way you have apparently misinterpretted my initial post. You're correct. It's not a show stopper by any means. I just happened to see it today for the first time, and it concerned me a little bit, as I don't recall the app being that different. Keep in mind that normally, I use the Bard Mobile app. I just have Audible as a backup in case I can't find things on Bard, although that's becoming more and more rare. Regarding Missy: I didn't mean either there to imply that I was bent out of shape or anything. Perhaps my comment was slightly rude. If so, please allow me publicly to apologize. All that I simply meant was that saying I over-complicated things was not really an appropriate thing to say, as like you said in your post, I was only trying to help, and that's why I outlined the exact steps. It's all good dude, don't worry about it. You're cool. I have no hard feelings against anyone.

Submitted by Toonhead on Saturday, December 6, 2014

I guess that's what happens sometimes...some folks hate the way an app is designed, but others really love it. I actually don't mind having the material appear on separate elements, as sometimes I like hearing how an author's name is spelled so it's a bit easier if all the info is on separate elements. I think it mostly comes down to a matter of personal preferences. There's no real right or wrong way here. :)