Seeing eye GPS, will it ever be available in the UK?

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Dear All, With reference to the last forurm post about good GPS apps, does anyone know if the Seeing Eye GPS app will ever be available in the UK? I use most of the apps listed in the last post like Blind Square, Navigon British Isles, Google Maps etc. but Seeing Eye looks great from the US description, I would really like it if the developers made it available in the UK. Going through the navigation section of the app list on this site there are lots of GPS navigation apps that are only available in the States and it appears that those who live there have got a far greater choice of GPS apps that actually provide turn-by-turn navigation. Seeing Eye GPS appears to give the most accessible one yet but it is so frustrating that those of us outside the States can't get access to it. Is there some way of making sure that the developers get to know this without going through the standard route of contacting them individually? Considering that the developer of Seeing Eye GPs has a visual impairement, does he read this site? Kind regards, Steve



Submitted by Typical Janner on Friday, November 15, 2013

Sendero have previously stated that they would start working on versions for other countries once they had released it in North America. They then put out a call for UK beta testers a few months ago. I applied but didn’t hear back, so I don’t know if testing has now started and I just didn’t make the cut or if they haven’t got to the point yet where it is ready for testing.