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When you see that there's 1 or more replies to a topic and click on it; You then have to, if you're on windows like me, control end to go to the end of the page and then shift h a couple times to find the heading for the new comment and read from there. I could be remembering wrongly but I think there's a way to have the screen reader jump to the newest comment when you open the page, is that possible and if so would it be able to be implemented into the site?



Submitted by Siobhan on Saturday, October 17, 2020

Hi. I guess it is in theory. However I seem when this site was first put up, it did this somewhat automatically. Now though, say you click "3 new", and you click it, I as a mack user still need to go to say "Add new comment" then go up from there. Not sure if it's a design thing, or if it's just tempermental. sorry i'm not more help.

Submitted by peter on Saturday, October 17, 2020

Here is what happens on my system when I follow a link such as "3 new comments" on the AppleVis site. Note: I am using Windows 10, Chrome, and JAWS.

- If I hit shift+enter on the link, then a new window opens and focus is on the first of the new comments as expected.

- If I hit control+enter on such a link, a new tab comes up and focus is at the top of the web page - i.e., not where the first new comment is, but rather at the beginning of the thread.

- If I simply hit enter on a such a link, the original web page is closed and replaced by a new page in which focus is at the first of the new comments as expected.

I don't know if that is the expected behavior or not, but the above is pretty consistent on my system using the AppleVis site.


It seams it's a Firefox issue.

I tried applevis with chrome and it worked as I expected, I pressed enter on the number and it jumped straight to the heading for the comment.
Then I tried the exact same thing with firefox and it left me at the top of the page.

Devs can you look into this if possible?

Submitted by kool_turk on Sunday, October 18, 2020

That's odd, I use firefox and I open comments in a new tab and it takes me straight to the new comments.

Edit: ok, maybe not quite, it takes me to the comment before the new comment.

I'm guessing they did that on purpose to remind people, kind of like a recap of your favourite TV show.