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This morning, I went downstairs to my kitchen for breakfast. I was really wanting a few eggs over medium.

To my dismay, I looked in the refrigerator, and we were completely out. I had heard about Doordash, but one thing you have to understand is, we're not exactly in a rural area, but it's not exactly urban either. Being I'm on the eastern part of the country, we're usually the last people to get the really cool services in our market, if we even get them at all in the first place. Needless therefore to say, I wasn't very hopeful that Doordash would be available. We don't have Uber Eats yet here. We have Lyft and Uber, but not Uber Eats, so that even more so made me hesitant.

I decided with my iPhone 11 Pro Max to download the Doordash app, create an account anyway, and just see what happened. I figured, the worst that would happen is, it would either say not available altogether, or would tell me nothing near me could be delivered, and I'd be out of luck. Also, I obviously didn't know how accessible with Voiceover the app would be. I'd heard it was pretty good, but you know as well as me, that's subjective. One person's good may not be so great to someone else.

I got the app installed, and the first thing I noticed was the account creation and login process was fantastic as far as accessibility was concerned. Every single thing on the entire sign up screen was labeled flawlessly. I figured that was a good start. I also really really loved the fact that I could sign in with my Apple ID, Google, or even Facebook. I didn't go with any of those methods, and instead elected to just set up my account with an e-mail address and password, however, the fact that it offers that flexability is downright fabulous!

Once in the app on the main screen, I was really really concerned. I figured I'd be in trouble if, like most apps like this, it showed pictures of the food, or some banner of featured items that scrolled in a dynamic marquis or the like.

Sure enough, there were pictures of featured dishes, as well as a list of featured supported franchises near me, however, oh my God alive! Every single one of the items was correctly labeled with alt text, and Voiceover read the items beautifully!

The only two things which were slightly confusing until I had my mother who is sighted look over my shoulder and explain is there are a few buttons near the top of the screen which I presume are for filtering things down to your liking. Those screens could use a little work. It's not that they don't read, as much as they're just not exactly the most intuitive at first glance.

Also, when adding items to your order, it's a little bit wierd in places as you pick the item, then it may say something like, choose your side. You'll then see a button that says, line button. I didn't know what that meant. Basically, when you tap the choice one flick to the right of the so called line button, that line button then changes to say fill button. Basically, if it says fill button, then the next item on the screen one flick to the right is selected. So let's say it wanted to know how I want my eggs cooked. I may see something that says line button, then another flick and I hear sunny side up. I flick again and hear, over medium. So, if I double tapped on over medium, then that line button one flick to the left of the over medium button would then turn from line button to now saying fill button, indicating that over medium is selected. It's kind of confusing, but once you understand what's happening, it's not too bad. I think either standard checkboxes, or even better yet, radio buttons would have worked better. I do plan to put in some feedback to the developers.

Anyway, I had another issue along the way. I'd added the western omelette that my mother wanted for breakfast to the order. I'd already selected that she wanted peasant hashbrown potatoes with the omelette. What I didn't however do was, I didn't realize until after adding to the order that she wanted me to add instructions, which by the way is super super easy to do, stating to please cook the potatoes extra crispy.

My mother was like, "OK, never mind, it's ok. I'll take what I get." I wasn't satisfied with that answer though. I figured, you may, but let's see if I can eventually pull up my cart's order contents, and edit that item, or remove it altogether.

Sure enough, at the bottom of my screen was a cart button displaying 3 items. My order, my mom's order, and my cappuccino. When ordering my cappuccino, I even double tapped on the add instructions specific to that item, and said, if they could do it, please put ice over the drink and make it into an ice cappuccino. I didn't know if that would work, but figured I'd at least try.

Anyway, I went into the cart area by double tapping on that button. I found my mom's omelette, double tapped it, and sure enough! I was right back at the screen as if I was customizing her omelette order. I found the instructions button, double tapped, typed in to make the potatoes on the side extra crispy, and then found and double tapped on the done button which took me back to her omelette customization screen. I then found at the bottom of the screen, a perfectly labeled button to update item. I double tapped that, then was back at my entire cart's order. Just exactly! the way I would have expected and wanted the app to function. Needless to say by this point, I was salivating, and not only because I was starving. LOL! I couldn't believe how ridiculously accessible the app was proving out to be! And more so, there were quite a few places near me, even currently opened that were fully integraded.

Once I was on the cart screen, I found another button completely correctly labeled to checkout. I hit this, and then was prompted to enter my address, and my payment method.

This really really really impressed me! Not only could they do Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, they also had PayPal, and even ApplePay! Heck! You even could just do regular C O D cash! I don't know totally how that would work. I guess the driver pays the restaurant, then you just tip and reimburse the driver. I dono. I'm not much a cash guy. If I can do a card or some digital form of payment, I'll do that any day. Call me weird, but...

Once all this info had been put in, which by the way was totally accessible, I hit place order, held my breath, and waited for confirmation.

Sure enough, the order went through without a hitch, and on the final screen, I was given my driver's name and last initial, a photo of the driver, two buttons: one to text the driver, and one to call him/her, and even a button to view my receipt.

Also, what I really really love is, at the top of the screen is dynamically updating text that tells how long until your meal arrives at your place, and even gives you the status, like, your meal is being prepared, your driver is on the way, your driver has arrived and is waiting for your food, driver has left and is on the way, etc.

Remember me saying before that we live in kind of a weird area? Most, if not all GPS apps I've seen get our place a little bit wrong, and get drivers thoroughly confused. Basically, it takes them down the wrong backroad into our development. If you go that way, you'll never find us, and will totally get turned around cattie wompussed. Usually what I do is, either I'll tell the driver ahead of time what to do when they get to that part of the route, or, I'll just wait, and when they do get confused, usually whoever's coming to visit will just call me and say, um, Chris? I'm lost. Then I will get them back on the right path.

My mother told me that though Voiceover totally skips over it, which I could definitely understand, there is a realtime updated visual map on the screen that shows in realtime where your driver actually is. She kept looking as we wanted to watch him get confused. That way we'd know when to call him and redirect.

All a sudden, my mom's like, "Holy cow! He didn't make the infamous wrong turn! He actually got it correct for once!" Next thing we knew, dingdong! He was at our door. No trouble finding us whatsoever at all.

He even was courteous enough to text me through the Doordash system, and say, "Good morning Chris. I'm here, and your food is right by your front door in frontof the threshold."

Then, he even sent me a text with the picture of my front door showing him sitting down the food.

My mother saw him doing this through our door's peephole, and told me, he even was totally sanatized! He not only had on a 2-layered mask, which was seated proprerly over both his mouth and nose, but he even was wearing latex gloves on top of that!

I couldn't believe how respectful he was to our health concerns! That was incredible!

Even texting me and also sending me that photo, I didn't request that, nor did I mention anywhere in a profile or the like that I was blind. He just did it. I'm not sure if that's policy, or if he was just being very professional at his disgression, but my! Gosh!

We opened up the boxes once we got them inside, and first off, my cappuccino had ice in it as I'd specifically requested. The tobasco was already on my eggs and potatoes as I asked, my mother's omelette, she said was absolutely perfect, and yes. Her potatoes even were crispy as she wanted when I went back and editted that item to ask this accomidation.

Needless to say, I definitely! will be using Doordash again! This had to probably be one of the best experiences I have had with an iOS delivery app in years! I plan to give Doordash a huge shoutout on their social media, and would encourage any of you who have used the service recently to do the same. The more people in the blind community who contact them and give them huge praise for all they're doing, the more willing they'll be to continue making this such a beautiful experience to us, and keeping things so accessible along the way.

I'd be very very interested in you all's thoughts about my experience.



Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Thursday, September 10, 2020

By the time you finished, you probably could make your own eggs and coffee. Question is how did it taste.

Submitted by Travis Roth on Thursday, September 10, 2020

Club AppleVis Member

The photo of the drop off is policy for the time being. Some drivers do text, and some just let the app notify. Although at times the notification that a drop off has occurred gets delayed in their system. Listen for the doorbell!
DoorDash app is fairly accessible. Some restaurant menus have issues with scrolling, as does the main restaurant finder at times. Like VoiceOver will get stuck scrolling in the featured section. Swiping with three fingers to scroll the whole screen usually fixes it. Anyways possibly a note for the actual app entry. Your description of the fill buttons is accurate and a little counter intuitive but it works and we'll all seen worse.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Thursday, September 10, 2020

In reply to by Holger Fiallo

With all due respect, I don't get the sarcastic tone of your message regarding your statement of fixing the eggs myself being quicker. For one, I stated right up front initially we were out. That was the entire reason I gave this a try. Secondly, how did it taste? Erm, I think I answered that as well already quite clearly in my initial post.

Submitted by mendi on Thursday, September 10, 2020

I am pretty pleased with Doordash accessibility as well. I can remember not too long ago reporting an accessibility issue to them, and they responded to me like they had no idea what I was talking about and/or gave the usual, "you aren't using it right" response. Thankfully, times have changed. So while my frustrations seemed unfounded then, perhaps they weren't worthless in the end.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Submitted by Brad on Thursday, September 10, 2020

But it sounds awesome.

UberEats is my poison,, I order from it way to much, it's quite accessible, there's some jumping around issues but it works fine.

I'm glad DoorDash works great for you and, I know most of us don't sit back and marvle at the amazing tech we have, we've used it so long for that but I honestly do sometimes.

Today I ordered an electric raiser from amazon, yesterday I ordered some food items, they all arived today with updates. It's kind of mind blowing that we can do this, order items and they arive next day in a box completely fine.

Submitted by Firefly on Friday, September 11, 2020

If I had not of just eaten dinner I would’ve definitely ordered from them. I have DoorDash on my phone, but have yet to use them. I will definitely be giving them a try. Thank you so much for your review.

Submitted by mendi on Friday, September 11, 2020

My only issue with Uber Eats right now is their Eats Pass. I keep trying to change my payment method, and it keeps reverting to the first card on my list, which so happens to be my work card. Um, no, can't charge that to the company! I have complained to Uber about this, and they keep telling me how to add or delete a payment method, completely missing that it is either a glitch in their app, or a glitch with what VO is reading. Anyway, I also agree. It is an accessible option and does have some options Doordash does not and/or some of their delivery fees are better.

As for Doordash, it is quite easy to use, and if you are a frequent user the dash pass is a steal. Any order over $10 has free delivery and reduced service fees. And thank goodness their payment process doesn't have any glitches in it. The only time you encounter delivery fees with orders over $10 is if they are not a Doordash partner, and you can filter your options to exclude those options if you are trying to avoid fees altogether.

Submitted by Troy B on Sunday, September 13, 2020

I have several delivery apps on my phone including Doordash but I haven't used any of them yet. I'm glad to know that doordash is accessible, and from the sounds of it pretty easy to use.

Submitted by Brian Giles on Monday, September 14, 2020

I've been using these apps a lot during the pandemic, and have had generally positive experiences. It's amazing to be able to look through several food choices and decide what floats your boat without even having to get up from your chair. What a world! lol

I generally like Door Dash better than Uber Eats, but some places allow item customization on Uber Eats but not on Door Dash, and vice versa. Annoyingly, although the option is there to add special instructions, some restaurants say they cannot fulfil special requests, so I can't have them leave out things I don't like unless the option is there for that specific item i.e. a check box to leave onions off my burger.

I've had good and bad experiences with dilivery drivers, despite putting clear instructions in my profile that tell them how to get into my building and find my apartment. You'd be amazed how many people can't follow them though. I had one driver that said they didn't show up in the app when they got my order, and I've had more than one order dropped off at a neighbor's apartment, and then they just send me a photo of where they left my rrder, as if that’ss helpful, even though I know it's policy for them to do that. I had one driver that I kind of felt bad for because they said they were panicking trying to find my apartment, and I couldn't direct them without being able to tell where in the building they were. I've also had one particularly bad delivery person on Uber Eats who refuses to bring my food to me, instead just leaving it at the front door of the building, and then sending me a snarky text in the app. So, I wish these apps would let you tip after you get your food in case you get a bad experience like that in adition to leaving feedback.

I've also had rare accasions where I never got my food, and in those cases I've found Door Dash support to be phenomenal! After I've provided them with the details of what happened, I usually just have them deliver my order again, and they give me some credit for next time. one of those times, I actually got double the food I'd ordered because my dasher just took my food to the wrong apartment, and by the time I got it, I couldn't get them to cancel the reorder. It's really interesting dealing with customer support after having worked in it myself. lol

Submitted by Brad on Monday, September 14, 2020

I don't have to tip after making an order, it's always afterward.

Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Monday, September 14, 2020

Hey Mendi, have you tried deleting and then reinstalling the app? This way you could add the payment method of your choice?

Submitted by Bingo Little on Monday, September 14, 2020

What, in the name of the father, are peasant hash browns? I mean, i know what hash browns are. I know what peasants are. So are peasant hash browns a way of getting rid of peasants in Donald Trump's America? Or did you mean pheasant? in which case, I wouldn't waste good quality roast pheasant by turning it into hash browns.

I'm also in the UK so we don't have Doordash. We have Uber Eats for now, though if Uber loses its public carriage licence I wonder whether that will affect Uber Eats? If it does, then pheasant or peasant makes no'll be a case of a piece of fruit or some toast or just coffee.

Submitted by Matthew Whitaker on Monday, September 21, 2020

I've used Door Dash before. I love using the app. Hope the company continues to update the app. Glad your experience went great.

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