Backpack Studio: I really hope I'm missing something!

iOS & iPadOS

Boy! I really hope I'm missing something, as if not, then Backpack studio has really then regressed in usability. I'm not saying it has so, before anyone goes off on me. I'm just saying, I! can't seem to figure this out like I used to could. I'm having a few issues, and hope someone more familiar with the app can tell me how to fix these problems.

1. I have MFI hearing aids, which act as a bluetooth speaker. Really, that's aside the point, but essentially, all sound from iOS including Voiceover comes through my hearing aids. The way that Backpack works, if you have wired or bluetooth headphones connected, and then turn on your mike within Backpack, you can have it allow you to monitor through your headphones what you're recording. The problem is, there is about a 1 second latency lag between the actual recorded audio, and what is fed back through your headphones. This can be extremely extremely confusing! Some may say get used to it! Um, uh, no! If it was only maybe half a second to a second pushing it at most, then maybe I could tollerate it, key word, maybe, but when you're trying to monitor things which have to be very very tight in the long run, forget it! I used to know a way after turning on the mike, you could tell it you didn't want to monitor. I might be remembering wrong, but I could have absolutely sworn this was a feature that you could toggle on/off monitoring.

2. When sitting on one of my pads which already is loaded with a sound, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to either clear the pad entirely, or load it with another sound than what is already there. The only thing I can find is a way to go into settings, and near the bottom of that screen, hit the empty button, which by the way is very unintuitive, as you don't really know what it's emptying until you double tap and then get the are you sure confirmation. Even with Voiceover hints turned on, it doesn't tell you first what the button does.

3. Let's say I double tap one of the pads to audition it. Let's say the pad has a sound bed of about a minute and a half long. I see absolutely no way to rewind or fast forward through the file inserted on the pad. There's no actions rotor option on the pad, and flicking up or down only adjusts the volume of that pad.

Bluntly speaking, this has made the app completely unusable with my workflow. I need another sollution if this can't be figured out.

Yeah, in the studio, I use ProTools, but I can't be expected to lug around my interface, a good studio mike, headphones, my macbook, and an iLok everywhere I go.




Submitted by Herbie Allen on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Well, I can help with number 2 at least. If you double tap and hold on the pad, several options will come up and the first one is Empty. That will clear the pad and you can load something new.

Submitted by Joseph on Thursday, September 3, 2020

Did you enable the setting for bluetooth microphone's in settings? If so, the problem is not with the app itself, but rather with the bluetooth audio profile. At least I think that's the issue. I don't use backpack studio with any bluetooth audio devices, so that setting is turned off for me since I don't need it.