iPhone 8 bottom speaker stopped working

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Today, my iPhone 8 bottom speaker randomly stopped working. It somehow started when I connected my Logitech wireless keyboard to it and was gonna type an imessage. Suddenly, my phone seemed to do some weird sounds or something, then the sound seemed to change, and I got alarmed. It didn't take long for me to notice that the bottom speaker of the phone had died! Everything is now coming from the earpiece, and the bottom speaker appears to be completely dead.
I've tried everything from restarting, to a hard reboot, to making sure the balance is set to 50 percent, to switching mono audio to on and then back off, to resetting all settings, and finally, a restore via iTunes, virst via recovery mode, and then DFU mode. And the speaker is still dead.
Are there any other options to fix this? Or would the next move be sending the phone in for repairs or something?
I have no idea of how this started.



Submitted by Rixon Smith on Monday, June 15, 2020

just a quick reminder to you that if you were still under warranty with Apple care the Apple store should be able to swap out your iPhone and replace it. Hope this helps you