Where are the remaining tutorials when I need them: Diving into Garageband

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So... I was doing some Googling around. I know about the blog series being done up here on using Garageband, which by the way are phenominal, and by absolutely no means do I want to underestimate the job done by that poster. They are absolutely incredible! That being said however, I found something on a podcast called Cool Blind Tech. Not to be confused with the really old podcast that used to be around called Blind! Cool Tech. Don't get confused. This is Cool! Blind Tech. Anyway, I found this link.


I found part 1 through part 3 of this series, and let me tell you guys: Oh? my, God! This was exactly what I needed. I would honestly have even paid! for something like this.

Garageband always has been so difficult for me to get my head around. I don't know why, but it's very very difficult for me. I'm definitely way more a ProTools guy. Anyway, I am stoked! I went through all 3 parts I could find, and I really really feel like I'm finally starting to get a handle on things. However, at the end of part 3, the guy says he's going to pick up in the next segment with editing, loops, Drummer, etc. That is really where I am lacking in my understanding of how to use GB. I was desperetly hoping that I could either find the remaining files in this series, or at the very least, someone who has done a series specifically on editing, working with loops, using Drummer tracks, and maybe a real real basic intro to using plugins. I dono if this guy just stopped, and never did more after part 3 as he said he would, or what. Again, if anyone would be willing to work with me one on one at these specific things, I'll be happy to pay you via PayPal for your time. I know Keith Reety has done some stuff, and about his list for Logic users, but... that's not an option for me. We'll just leave it there.

I'm *really!* *really!* hoping someone here can help, as I am really excited. I finally feel like maybe I can actually learn this. I don't wanna ruin my chances now, as I'm already this far along.



Submitted by PaulMartz on Monday, February 24, 2020

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Hi Chris. I'm the blogger who is struggling to learn GarageBand so I can share what I learn with the community.

Regarding editing, if you mean editing audio tracks, that's something that appears to not be accessible. The audio waveform is in an empty drawing area, so unless you have some low vision and can select a range of the waveform with the mouse, you're out of luck. One of many accessibility issues with GarageBand that I'm tracking in the hopes that Apple might take notice and address. I was really disappointed to find this task requires eyesight. I was hoping to use GarageBand to record podcasts. Sigh.

Loops and drummer tracks, now that's a good possible topic for my next blog in the series. It's pretty easy to drag and drop to create your own musical Frankenstein with entirely zero talent or ability.

Regarding plugins, I've been playing around a little with this. I'm a drummer, but there are some issues with using my Simmons SD2000 drum kit that I thought I might be able to address with the AUSampler plugin. It's turning out to be much more tedious than I would've expected. And the more I bang my head against this brick wall, the further behind schedule my blogs become. And did I mention that the AUSampler edit window is not accessible? I'm really surprised at the issues I've discovered with this software.

So let me lay my drum kit tinkering aside and whip together GarageBand Part 3: Drummers and Loops. Because loops really are easy and a lot of fun.

Submitted by xenacat3 on Thursday, March 5, 2020

Has anyone posted tutorials or instructions on using GarageBand on the iPhone? Is it possible to edit tracks in that way? I don’t have a Mac and would like to tinker with the iPhone a bit. I did get a friend to help me successfully connect my midi keyboard so that I can use my keyboard to play the garage band on board samples. Presumably, I will then be able to do some simple sequencing which is all I want to do at the moment. I would just like to capture some ideas quickly