Suggestions for best inter-platform RSS feed setup?

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Since apple news is, well, kind of annoying and desperate to make one read articles you're not really interested in... I've move back to RSS. I've been playing around with Newsify which is great in the fact I can choose exactly what sources I see though it is for a monthly fee to get all the functionality.

The issue I'm having is being able to add feeds quickly and easily. I do most of my general browsing on my MBA and could do with a swift way of adding feeds to Newsify from there however, apple being the useful disrupter that it is, has removed the Newsify extension and I can't seem to find a Newsify app for Mac OS anyway.

I was wondering what other people's setups were?

Newsify is great for accessibility regarding voiceover but it isn't the easiest to explore feeds or search them. I'm finding I'm discovering something in safari on why Mac, switching to iPhone, pulling up the tab on my MBA, copying the link, going into Newsify and attempting to add the feed by pasting the URL... Which doesn't always work.

Faster and easier solutions? Feedly a way to do it? I looked at the app but it seems a little lacking.




Submitted by Larry Thacker Jr. on Wednesday, October 9, 2019

When I was using the Mac I had Lire on iOS and ReadKit on the Mac. They are both able to use your Feedly account and work pretty well. I haven't been on the Mac in a while, but the program still fires up and accesses my feeds.