VoiceOver focus moves while down arrowing in sidebar table of Photos


Other Apple Applications




1. Enable VoiceOver and open Photos.
2. Focus on the sidebar table, but do not interact with it. Generally, tables on macOS can be navigated with VO simply by moving to them and using the up/down arrow keys.
3. On the sidebar table, press down arrow. Your focus jumps off of the table.
4. Try again by moving back to the sidebar and hitting the up arrow. Again, focus moves, or you may get a "no row selected" message.

The point is, this table does not respond as tables generally do when navigated with VoiceOver. The newly selected row should be reported, but focus should not then jump away from the table. Again, this is WITHOUT interacting.

Bug First Encountered: 

macOS 10.12

How often the bug occurs: 




Fixed In: 

macOS 10.13