VoiceOver finds and speaks elements on the Mini Player of the Music app which are not visually present or actionable


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When on the Mini Player in the native Music app, VoiceOver will speak screen elements which are not actually present on the screen or actionable at the time.

Exactly what these ‘phantom’ elements will be, will depend upon which tab of the Music app you were viewing before loading the Mini Player.

These elements will be located in two locations on the screen:

  1. Before the control that dismisses the Mini Player: locate this by touch or swiping, and then swipe left. Typically these phantom elements will be the content of the tab that you were viewing before loading the Mini Player.
  2. After the last track in the list of upcoming tracks: locate the last track and swipe right. Typically these phantom elements will include the Play and Skip buttons, and the tab menu that appears along the bottom of the main Music app tabs.

None of these phantom elements will actually do anything when double-tapped.

Bug First Encountered: 

iOS 11.2

How often the bug occurs: 


Device(s) bug has been encountered on: 

iPhone X



Fixed In: 

iOS 11.3