Using the VoiceOver rotor to navigate the History tab in Safari by Heading is inconsistent and unreliable

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  1. Ensure that you have several days of browsing history in Safari (ideally several weeks).
  2. Ensure that VoiceOver is enabled.
  3. Open Safari.
  4. Double tap with 1 finger on the “Bookmarks” button.
  5. Double tap with 1 finger on the “History” button.

You will now be on a page that lists your browsing history. The list is sorted by date, with each day having a Header at the beginning which contains the day of the week and the date.

  1. Place VoiceOver focus at the top of this page.
  2. Flick right with 1 finger until VoiceOver focus lands on the Heading for the current day.
  3. Ensure that the VoiceOver rotor is set to navigate the page by Heading.
  4. Flick down with 1 finger to move VoiceOver focus to the previous Heading (depending upon when you are doing this, it should be either your browsing history for earlier on the same day or the previous day).
  5. Continue to flick down with 1 finger to move through previous days by Heading.

You would expect VoiceOver focus to land on all available days.

What actually happens is that focus will often ‘skip’ several days, and there will be no clear pattern as to what days are skipped.

  1. Once you have moved VoiceOver focus to a Heading for a day some time ago (ideally a week or more), Flick up with 1 finger to move VoiceOver focus to the next day (so, one day closer to the current date).
  2. Continue to flick up with 1 finger.

You would expect that VoiceOver focus would move through all of the available days - Heading by Heading.

What actually happens is that focus will correctly move to 1 or 2 Headings, but then jump to the very first Heading on this page (so, missing several days of browsing history).

If you now reverse direction again - so are flicking down with 1 finger to move back in time - the movement of VoiceOver focus does appear to be correct (in that it lands on each Heading).

However, movement of VoiceOver focus in the other direction appears to always be inconsistent and unreliable (this being when moving focus towards the current day from some time in the past).

Bug First Encountered

iOS 12.0

Device(s) bug has been encountered on


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Fixed In

iOS/iPadOS 13.1