WWDC is around the corner and the App Store is down

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Now that sounds a bit geographical, doesn't it? As Apple's World Wide developers Conference (WWDC) is on the horizon, Apple's App Store is down. It's to be held later today in San Francisco and many analysts believe iOS 6 will be unveiled there along with some hardware-related pieces of news and, perhaps, a couple of surprises. No one knows the very exact features of iOS 6 other than what some tend to call Google-free 3D maps and better photo-sharing. So, as you see, guessing its accessibility features is even more laborious.

Anyhow, I'm providing some local times for your convenience in case you wanted to follow the event yourself -- rest assured we'll provide you with the gist of the matter right here. 6 PM London time, 1 PM New York City, 12 PM Chicago, 11 AM Denver, 10 AM Los Angeles, 2 AM (June 12) Tokyo.

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