Support our Latest Campaign of the Month and Help Blind Soccer Fans Stay Up-To-Date with Scores and News from Around the World

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If you’re looking for an iOS app to keep up-to-date with soccer scores from most of the world's professional leagues, Soccer Scores Pro - FotMob is one of the best available. It is also already very accessible with VoiceOver! However, that doesn't mean it isn't without its problems - poor button labels, missing labels and an interface that throws up a number of challenges for VoiceOver users are all on the list.

We've already mailed the developers a detailed report of the issues, and are asking you all (soccer fans or not!) to contact them as well and ask that they endeavor to fix these problems.

Simply submit this pre-filled form to have your request for improved accessibility mailed directly to the developer of FotMob. Please note that you will need to be registered and logged in to access and use this form.

As always, the more of you who support our campaign, the more likely it is that the developer will take notice. So, do please take just a few moments to submit the form.

For more information on this and past campaigns, please visit the main Campaign of the Month page. On that page, you will also be able to nominate apps for future campaigns.