Major Update To Fleksy Brings New Features and the Ability to Try the App for Free

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Syntellia have just released a new update to Fleksy, which includes a number of significant changes and new features.

We're particularly pleased to see that you can now try the app for free. Although you will need to pay to unlock the full functionality of the app, you can now at least experience what it is like typing with Fleksy before parting with any money.

Here is the press release from Syntellia:

A major update of Fleksy hit the App Store today, featuring the most important of our users':

  • Fleksy is now free to try. The free version will not allow you to copy or use the text, but will give everyone the ability to try out Fleksy before purchasing the full version. If you have already purchased the full version previously, you will automatically be upgraded to the full version.
  • You no longer have to switch VoiceOver off to type. Please note, you have to first tap once anywhere on the screen before typing, in order to activate the keyboard. This is the way Direct Touch works.
  • When you launch Fleksy, it is now already in typing mode. You can use the keyboard area to type. To bring up the Fleksy menu, press and hold at the top of the screen, above the keyboard area.
  • We have re-ordered the app menus based on popular feedback.
  • You can now remove words from the dictionary. You remove words the same way you add them: type them in manual entry mode, and then, after swiping right, swipe up to remove from the dictionary.
  • The previous version of Fleksy prevented you from adding certain words in the dictionary – this has now been fixed.
  • There is now an easy way to add apostrophes to nouns. After writing a word, swipe right for period and you will find the (apostrophe s) shortcut in the suggestions.
  • We have reorganized how Fleksy formats emails. The word “Fleksy” is not added to the subject line any more. We have also included an option for using the first line of your text as the subject of outgoing e-mails. We know that a lot of participants of this forum had asked for this feature.
  • Fleksy now supports the Screen Curtain feature when enabled.
  • Fleksy now speaks in the same language locale as your iPhone if you use the UK or Australian English voice.
  • Your user dictionary is now stored in iCloud on enabled devices. This means it will automatically be updated across your devices and stay in sync.
  • The instructions are now stored within Fleksy, so you can access them when you are offline or outside a network cover area.
  • There is now a “spell words” setting. This spells the last word entered after you have typed it.
  • We have updated the Twitter button to point to our new Twitter handle: @fleksy.
  • We have added the underscore to the list of symbols.
  • And, finally, Fleksy now notifies you it is ready when loading is completed.

The update is free for all Fleksy users, and all previous purchasers are automatically upgraded to the full version.


For everyone else, Fleksy is now free to download and try. You need to purchase the full version if you want to use the text you type.


More information is at

To downloaded, visit our App Store page.


And as always, we welcome all feedback to

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I'm gutted!

I found out from a podcast that if you complained enough about the first version, they asked you to be a beta tester and gave you your money back! That will teach me. Next time I will have to go on and on about it. Then again, this new version might impress me. I will give it a go.

Now something to complain about, is it just me?

I just updated the app on my iPhone. After typing for a while, I was prompted to either upgrade to the full version or restore purchased version. I chose to upgrade at first, but was prompted to confirm my in-app purchase of £1049. I have already bought version one, so didn't expect this. I then wondered if the restore to purchased versin was the really weird and confusing way of upgrading if yu already had the app. No joy, I got an error message - can not find details of your previous purchase. Is it just me or is anyone else having these issues?

The Best of Both Worlds

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Looks like the Fleksy team has pretty much given us a win-win situation with the ability to have a free trial of the app. Brillient! If I had reservations about giving Fleksy a chance before, I don't now.

reinstall the app

Please try to reinstall the app. This appears to be an isolated problem, as no one on this forum, neither my friend Mr Price, can duplicate your experience. Good luck.

JT -This should not happen

App Developer

JT - This should not happen if you have already purchased Fleksy version one. Can you e-mail us at so we can help? We've had very very few isolated incidents like that, which are common when an app changes from a paid to a free one. We have staffed our support desk on a 24 hour basis to deal with these immediately though. Ioannis Fleksy team

am really not sure about this app

well i thought i'd give it a try seeming as you can try it for free and all. i don't feel that impressed with it at the moment. i typed various words or wanted to type various words and not even the suggestions with a right fingered swipe brought up the correct suggestion. my partner tried this as well and she is very compitant with the keyboard. she didn't like this either. so am not sure about this app.


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I'd like to take this time to commend the developers for following through on making more functions available with this app. I will now try the version that is free and see if it's something I'd use. Thank you for making the free version available so that those unsure whether they would use it or not can try it!

Daz. That's very unusual,

App Developer

Daz. That's very unusual, Fleksy should pick up the correct suggestion over 90% of the time. Can you fire us a quick email to We have experts there who can help you get started. Ioannis Fleksy team

A better success rate here

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I have to say that my experience is quite the opposite. I've not bought this app before because I wasn't convinced that I do enough typing on my iPhone to justify the $15 price tag. However, having now had an opportunity to try it for free, I am getting closer to taking the plunge. Fleksy's first guess has been correct at least 95% of the time, and the only occasion that it's not had my word as one of the other options was when I accidentally typed an extra letter. It's also proving to be much faster than using the standard keyboard. But, our contrasting experiences show how great it is to now have the ability to try before you buy.

A challenging phrase.

Hre'Here's the nonsense phrase I use to try out Fleksy each time: This is not a test, this is Rok and Roll! I never ever manage to get the words This, rock and Roll right the first time. Most of the time, the right words aren't even in the suggested list. I get on really well wit the on-screen keyboard, but for some reason I just can't see what the fuss is with this app.

High praise

After trying the free version of this app, I was amazed at its capability. I was accurate almost ninety-nine percent of the time when typing words, and the suggestions that were given to me were also spot-on. I, too, would like to praise the developer for doing such an outstanding job on its design, and for offering a free version for everyone to try.


I am so happy I bought this app. I can't believe how incredibly easy it is. Fleksy picks up almost every suggestion I put in. I have only had to add a couple of words.

I just got the free version.

I'm not sure if I like it yet or not. I've been having a hard time with getting the app to input apostrophes. More specifically, I've been having a hard time getting the app to input apostrophes, then another letter, such as apostrophe-m or apostrophe-ve, as in the words I'm and I've. I don't know if it's just that I'm doing something wrong or what. I type in the word I want, and then swipe right twice to get to the punctuation. I then swipe down till I get to something that says apostrophe s." I'm actually not sure if it's saying "apostrophe-s" or "apostrophes," as in the plural of the word apostrophe. Then I try to type the letter or letters I want, but it just repeats what I've just typed, instead of the whole word, such as I'm. I'm kind of baffled at this point. Maybe I need to read the instructions again. Things seemed as if they would be pretty simple and clear, but again, I could just be doing something wrong. I'm also having a hard time in getting it to recognize some words. I particularly had a hard time with the word up. It kept giving me words like to. Maybe it's just that I'm not used to typing without feedback or something. I'll keep trying to type with the app. Other than that, pretty much every word I typed was correct. Oh, except for the word yay. It really had a hard time with that one. But maybe this is because it's not an actual word; meaning that it's not recognized in dictionaries or something. I had to enter the word in manually, which worked fine. That was easy to pick up, since it's exactly like touch typing. I haven't given up on the app yet, but I'm still not sure I'd buy it, even if I do end up liking it. I'm not sure what I'd feel is a reasonable price, so I won't go there. I know some people really like it, othes don't. I haven't decided. either way, it's an interesting app. Thanks, Shersey

Shersey For words with

App Developer

Shersey For words with apostrophes, try writing the full word without the apostrophe (so for haven't write H A V E N T). Fleksy will automatically add the apostrophe. For practice with typing, try this sentence: Hello there California, this is Fleksy calling. If you are still having trouble, we offer full support to everyone at We can help you get started.

Ioannis, thanks for the advice.

I'll try out your suggestion for words with apostrophes. As for typing, I think I just need to get used to it. It sure is different than typing on the standard software keyboard with VoiceOver telling you what letter you're on. I'm sure it'll just take practice. I noticed that the faster I typed, the easier Fleksy was able to correctly interpret what I'd meant. I'm going to have another go at typing with it. Thanks, Shersey

Thanks. If there's anything

App Developer

Thanks. If there's anything we can do to help you get started, don't hesitate to email us at We are responding 24 hours a day today.

Fleksy support

I had the error message when updating to the newer Fleksy that my user information could not be found, and my version of the app defaulted to the trial mode. I e-mailed the folks at Fleksy support, and the issue was completely resolved within less than ten minutes. Such stellar customer service is rare these days, and I commend the folks at Fleksy who are monitoring various forums and providing instant support. It shows real commitment. As for my experience with the program, I mainly use it to type long messages on my iPhone since it nearly doubles my typing speed. In fact, I am at this very moment typing faster than my brother who is sighted. Thanks.


Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Now that is what I'm talking about. Everybody need to follow what the Fleksy team has done here. That is offer a demo to see if this is worth shelling out the money. I can only hope many other developers will follow the method. Great job to the team! Now what is noteworthy here and should tell you in what this has done for the Fleksy team. Si that out of the 6 members of the AppleVis Editorial Team that 1 owns it. 4 are trying this out for the first time today. So that shows me if we are so in to this demo I can't imagine how many others will take the plunge to give this a try now. So with that of those 4 Editorial Team members. It appears that 3 are seriously considering to purchase it. Maybe even all 4 because in what you have done! Now that is marketing to the finest and I believe your results be show that in taking this bold new step. Plus, you have removed a lot of those barriers that we all had in being hung up with in the beginning. Not having to turn off the VO to On/Off plus keeping the Screen Curtain on is a major step forward. This is showing some significant new features and is now becoming very promising. When you listen to the visionally impaired community the further your product will take you. So my hats off to you and your team. You certainly deserve a pat on the back and all of your followers to make that happen!

I'm still on the fence about buying Fleksy, but I do like it.

I love that I have the opportunity to try it out before making my final decision, though. That's absolutely awesome! And the VO integration is nice, too. I now have to Google "direct touch," though. I think I have an understanding of what it does. I get that it lets me use something like Fleksy without having to turn off VO, but I'd like to really get an understanding of it. Thanks to the Fleksy developers who provided a way to try the app! Now I can know with certainty whether I should buy the app or not! Thanks, Shersey

Fleksy has tromped my bluetooth keyboard

Member of the AppleVis Blog Team

Having seen an interesting Fleksy-oriented discussion here, I decided to chime in. IMO, Fleksy is one of the most useful apps for the visually impaired ever brought to the iOS platform. In fact, I believe it's more revolutionary than, say, Read2Go and TextDetective -- the functionality of the former can be somewhat achieved by the mainstream iBooks and another dedicated DAISY reader for the blind and, competition aside, the latter requires a good deal of fine-tuning to become a trustworthy app of its ilk. Fleksy addresses the most irksome problem accompanying the use of touch screens by the visually impaired -- typing. I've been with the developers even before the first official release and, apart from what the app itself offers, what makes me carry this appreciative tune is the developers' commitment to their own project and our feedback which, fairly, isn't always as helpful or encouraging as it should be. At any rate, I use it to compose SMS messages, emails, notes, etc. In short, we'll even appreciate the true prowess of Fleksy once it gets incorporated into third-party apps -- we'll hear about that very soon.

Since day 1, I have always

Since day 1, I have always found some of the complaints about typing with Fleksy a little ironic. Keep in mind that using Fleksy to type is a much closer simulation of how a sighted person types with the on screen keyboard than typing with voiceover. I'm not sure if most blind people fundamentally understand how sighted people interact with the touch screen ... but trust me, using an iPhone with voiceover, while revolutionary and amazing, is inherently slower and less efficient than using the phone without VO. Don't bother replying to tell me how fast you type with VO. You're still not going to be as fast as your sighted siblings, roommates, colleagues or friends simply due to the nature of Voiceover gestures. Even touch typing or double typing is, from a sighted person's standpoint, horribly inefficient. For example, the fastest VO user will never be able to unlock their phone and enter the four digit unlock code as fast as someone without voiceover. If you have enough vision to see your keyboard even a little, triple click voiceover off and poke around a bit. The speed at which you can type letters and open apps without VO is lightning fast and will probably make you a little envious. It's perfectly fine if not everyone likes Fleksy for personal reasons, but I still have to chuckle a bit at some of the offhanded dismissals of this application.

Love the Improvements

I have been fortunate to enough to have been involved in the early stages of beta testing, and just wanted to say that I am blown away with the improvements that the Fleksy team has made in a very relative short period of time. I also have to commend the developer in how responsive they have been to both negative and positive feedback. I think Fleksy is spoling us, as there are countless developers that I have tried contacting about their app never to hear word one from them. The typing experience on Fleksy is fantastic. Yes, at times their might be a word that it doesn't pick up, but come on people do you know how many words there are in the English language? At least you have the option to manually enter it. Fleksy gives me hope that their other developers out there working on the next revolutionary app to help us blind people be more productive. Thanks guys.

fleksy asking me to upgrade

Hey guys, I already have fleksy, but it is asking me to purchase the upgrade again... anyone else having this problem?

keep practicing. fleksy is great

hang in there. once you get it you'll hate having to use the regular touch key board any more. In my opinion Fleksy is revolutionizing how typing on touch devices will be done in the future. And what other app can you think of that has brought out 2 major updates so soon after it's release that clearly reflect user in put. date. This company is truly interested in making Fleksy great.

Had the same issue

Email them at the address earlier on this thread and explain the problem; they were very responsive when I did it. Just another example of caring iOS developers.

I'm not happy

I have the upgrade issue. I've been aksed for proof of purchase, then to buy the app again, then to wait for a refund via PayPal. I've not done it yet as I've not had an hour to waste and I don't like being asked to pay twice. I've not been offered a refund of my original purchase, but I will be suggesting that that is the least they can do to make up for this issue.

Very impressive

I've been using Fleksy for severl weeks now and absolutely love it. It was a little tricky to use at first but once I got the hang of it, I was able to type extremely fast. I was blown away by this app from day one. On my first try I typed in a couple of words and immediately was impressed. I knew right then and there that Fleksy was every bit as amazing as the hype promised. All I needed was a little bit of practice with it. After that point, I was whipping out long words and sentences with no problem. Compared to the standard method of typing on the iPhone using Voiceover, typing is slow and tedious. You can go only so fast doing it the standard way. I don't care how much you practice, you'll eventually hit a wall in terms of speed and efficiency. Typing that way is extremely laborious, particularly when typing long messages. Fleksy turns the whole process of typing with Voiceover upside down. I no longer have any qualms about typing long messages because I know I'll be able to do so with little fuss. My only wish is that Fleksy could be integrated into the native messaging apps. Having a text messaging conversation is still terribly inconvenient if you're going to try and use Fleksy. In fact, at this point, I don't even bother trying. I don't like having to do the whole switching back and forth thing. It's the exact reason I don't use dictation apps because of all the app switching I'm required to do. Going the jailbreak route would certainly solve this problem, but I know the Fleksy team has reservations about using any sort of jailbreak solution. Hopefully Apple will take a good hard look at integrating Fleksy themselves. Outside of that, if it's a one way message I have to type out or if I don't need to respond right away, Fleksy is my new best friend.