Major Update To Fleksy Brings New Features and the Ability to Try the App for Free

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Syntellia have just released a new update to Fleksy, which includes a number of significant changes and new features.

We're particularly pleased to see that you can now try the app for free. Although you will need to pay to unlock the full functionality of the app, you can now at least experience what it is like typing with Fleksy before parting with any money.

Here is the press release from Syntellia:

A major update of Fleksy hit the App Store today, featuring the most important of our users':
  • Fleksy is now free to try. The free version will not allow you to copy or use the text, but will give everyone the ability to try out Fleksy before purchasing the full version. If you have already purchased the full version previously, you will automatically be upgraded to the full version.
  • You no longer have to switch VoiceOver off to type. Please note, you have to first tap once anywhere on the screen before typing, in order to activate the keyboard. This is the way Direct Touch works.
  • When you launch Fleksy, it is now already in typing mode. You can use the keyboard area to type. To bring up the Fleksy menu, press and hold at the top of the screen, above the keyboard area.
  • We have re-ordered the app menus based on popular feedback.
  • You can now remove words from the dictionary. You remove words the same way you add them: type them in manual entry mode, and then, after swiping right, swipe up to remove from the dictionary.
  • The previous version of Fleksy prevented you from adding certain words in the dictionary – this has now been fixed.
  • There is now an easy way to add apostrophes to nouns. After writing a word, swipe right for period and you will find the (apostrophe s) shortcut in the suggestions.
  • We have reorganized how Fleksy formats emails. The word “Fleksy” is not added to the subject line any more. We have also included an option for using the first line of your text as the subject of outgoing e-mails. We know that a lot of participants of this forum had asked for this feature.
  • Fleksy now supports the Screen Curtain feature when enabled.
  • Fleksy now speaks in the same language locale as your iPhone if you use the UK or Australian English voice.
  • Your user dictionary is now stored in iCloud on enabled devices. This means it will automatically be updated across your devices and stay in sync.
  • The instructions are now stored within Fleksy, so you can access them when you are offline or outside a network cover area.
  • There is now a “spell words” setting. This spells the last word entered after you have typed it.
  • We have updated the Twitter button to point to our new Twitter handle: @fleksy.
  • We have added the underscore to the list of symbols.
  • And, finally, Fleksy now notifies you it is ready when loading is completed.

The update is free for all Fleksy users, and all previous purchasers are automatically upgraded to the full version.


For everyone else, Fleksy is now free to download and try. You need to purchase the full version if you want to use the text you type.


More information is at

To downloaded, visit our App Store page.


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Submitted by Scott Davert on Friday, August 10, 2012

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team