Siri's oddities humorously revealed

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I'm not sure if you listen to Harry Shearer's interesting weekend program Le Show, but his May 20th show is much more interesting as he uses Siri several times during the 1-hour program to remind us all of the weaknesses of artificial intelligence. The show starts with a humorous conversation between Harry and Siri. and Siri also shows up a few more times throughout the program, but her final appearance in the form of a conversation with "Ralph the talking computer," in the last 5 minutes of the show, is quite funny. You may want to grab it here and enjoy the humor. It's worth mentioning that while Apple should definitely do a lot more to improve Siri's replies and usefulness apart from opening it to iOS developers, it's undoubtedly the best voice assistant available. Even its closest competitor, impartially reviewed here isn't yet totally ready for the job. If you want, you can also play the flash on the page and compare the TTS quality. My personal wish is to see Siri become capable of looking up whatever word I throw at it. While it can handle the likes of "triskaidekaphobia," it fails with common words.

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Improved dictionary and Thesaurus Would Be Enriching

I'm in agreement with your statement, Amir. In addition to a fuller list of definitions, a complete Thesaurus would definitely be advantageous. However, there might be a downside for developers who aim to provide dictionary apps for customers. Still, though, having a larger collection of synonyms and definitions would be helpful.